La Boqueria Market in Barcelona

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La Boqueria Market in Barcelona

The Very Best Food Market in Spain

While in Barcelona we had a couple of hours free to ourselves so my wife, daughter and I headed up the Ramblas to visit The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria or more commonly called La Boqueria. This is one of the biggest and most famous food markets in all of Europe. If you want to see a variety of incredibly fresh foods including fish, vegetables, meats, cheese, or chocolates, this is the place to go.

It was a little difficult pushing my youngest daughter’s wheel chair through the market because of the sheer number of people but the locals couldn’t have been more accommodating. They were helpful and polite and most of all patient as we worked our way through the market taking in the sights, sounds and smells from each of the specialty stalls.

The market is open Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 8:30 pm but I have read the best time to go is in the morning. We were there at the end of the day when many of the merchants were closing up for day but there was still plenty to see and experience.

Why Not Stay For a Bite?

There are numerous “bars” in La Boqueria that you can stop at for a quick coffee, beer, or glass of wine and some culinary delights to keep you going while you search for that perfect Jamón ibérico from one of the fifteen ham vendors. The most famous of these bars is El Pinotxo which is located close to the entrance but very difficult to find seating because of its popularity. No worries, there are plenty of other places to grab something to eat and drink.

Some of the Sights From My Visit


A Wild Selection of Fresh Fruit Including Some Exotics

Would You Look at These Prawns!


Clams, Snails, Snow Crabs & Oysters


Fresh Calamari & Cuttlefish – Beautiful


A Nice Selection of Wild Mushrooms


Nuts & Dried Fruits


Chocolate Treats That Barcelona Is Famous For


Jamón Serrano & Jamón Ibérico


Amazing Collection of Fresh Spices


Fresh Octopus

A Selection of Fresh Fish For Dinner

More On My Journey Through Spain

If these photos get your taste buds excited, check out some of my photos from two tapas restaurants in Barcelona that we dined at and where some of the ingredients may have come from La Boqueria. See Eating My Way Through Northern Spain – Barcelona



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