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Culinary, Baking and Hospitality School Grants and Scholarships

If you are thinking of going to culinary school or the restaurant and hospitality field, check out these various organizations that are offering grants and scholarships. Some culinary schools are expensive and you may need help with your tuition.

Check with the schools you are interested in attending to see what they have to offer. Most likely a representative from the school will contact you after you fill out the request more information forms and give you a good idea of what’s available, but be sure to also check with the schools Financial Aid office. They are there to help.

Below you will find a large grouping of organizations who award grants and scholarships to students interested in getting into the culinary and food service industries. This list is not comprehensive and I will be adding more as I find them. If you offer a culinary grant or scholarship, please contact us with your information.


Scholarships & Grants sorted by Name


AACFS: American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

ACF: American Culinary Federation

AFL-CIO Department of Education

AIWF-NY American Institute of Wine and Food

American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation

Arkansas Hospitality Association

The Art Institute Culinary Scholarship & Competition Page


Canadian Hospitality Foundation

California Golden Gate Restaurant Association Scholarship Foundation

California Restaurant Association

Careers through Culinary Arts Program

Charlie Trotter’s Culinary Education Foundation

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

Colorado Restaurant Association

Connecticut Restaurant Association

The Culinary Trust


Florida Restaurant Association


Hawaii Community Foundation

Hospitality Association of South Carolina




JWMF: Junior War Memorial Fund Scholarships

James Beard Foundation Scholarships and Education


Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association

Kentucky Restaurant Association


Les Dames d’Escoffier Scholarships

Louisiana Restaurant Association


Maine Restaurant Association

Marshall Scholarship Fund American Culinary Federation

Maryland Restaurant Association

Massachusetts Restaurant Association

Michigan Restaurant Association

Michigan State University Food Science and Human Nutrition

Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association

Missouri Restaurant Association


National Achievement Scholarship Program (African American)

National Italian American Foundation

National Merit Scholarship Corporation

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Scholarships

National Tourism Foundation Scholarships and Internships

Nebraska Restaurant Association

Network Executive in Hospitality

Nevada Restaurant Association

New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association

New Jersey Restaurant Association

New Mexico Restaurant Association

New York State Restaurant Association

North Carolina Restaurant Association

North Dakota State Hospitality Association

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Restaurant Association Maryland

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