One Handed Butter Cutter

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One Handed Butter Cutter

The One-Click Butter Cutter

Every once in a while someone will send me a new gadget to try out and write about on the Recently, I received a One-Click Butter Cutter from Linnea whose father invented this interesting butter “guillotine” like tool for slicing butter easily, quickly and rather effortlessly.

You might think this is one of those gadgets for a home cooking enthusiast who has every kitchen gadget imaginable but after an initial learning curve of about two sticks of butter, I’m starting to really like having my Butter Cutter in the refrigerator.

Starting Out

At first, I couldn’t get the butter to come out at all and it kept getting stuck at the bottom of the machine.  So I emailed Linnea about what was happening and she said my technique was off and

… the Butter Cutter should be squeezed initially at a moderate speed (this is when the butter bar is pushed down into the cutting position) until the blade starts cutting into the butter and then it should be squeezed as rapidly as possible which will usually cause the slice to come flying off

I tried it the way she explained and sure enough worked like she said it would. She also reminded me that different butter cuts differently. Some butter she said tend to stick but the Land O’Lakes “light” butter works especially well. Less fat = less sticky.

Another tip she gave me is the “Butter Cutter shouldn’t be released for making the next slice until the butter slice has dropped off. If need be shake it back and forth a little until the slice does drop off before releasing the Butter Cutter for the next slice.”

When I asked her about the amount of each slice, she said each “pat” of butter was about ¼ of a tablespoon making it easy to measure out just what I need for a recipe without even looking.

Each pat is about the perfect size for dispensing on my kids pasta or rice dishes when they aren’t thrilled with daddy’s sauce for the evening and I’m sure this would be great for a pat of butter on their toast or waffles in the morning but you all know how much I like my butter bell for soft butter.

Less Space

I like the fact that the One-Click Butter Cutter stands up vertically in the refrigerator. Takes up less space and when you are in a hurry to add butter to a sauce or sauté pan, you grab it, squeeze out the exact amount of butter you need and you are done with it.

I also like that it protects the stick of butter from all the “gunk” that sometimes ends up on the stick of butter when on a butter tray. You know what I mean. The crumbs from the morning toast or the jelly left on the knife that you than use to cut the butter.

Dishwasher safe and a selection of colors including one with an American flag, the One-Click Butter Cutter has a web site where you can learn much more about it including more tips on using, types of butter, cleaning, and how to purchase.  Check it out at One-Click Butter Cutter.

Bottom Line

If you like kitchen gadgets, you will like this tool. It’s well made with a lot of thought behind it and once you get the hang of it, is easy to use. It makes a great gift for your favorite home cook who has everything except a one-handed butter cutter.


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