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What's the Difference between a Salt Mill and Pepper Mill

What Is the Difference Between a Salt Mill & Pepper Mill?

We most likely use salt and pepper in every recipe, yet not much thought goes into how we store, use and produce these ingredients. For example, did you know that high-end pepper mills use hardened steel for its machinery whereas salt mills use stainless steel?

Or to never let water get inside a pepper mill? There is actually so much to know about salt and pepper mills that you would otherwise not think about.

The reason salt mills typically use stainless steel is so that the salt avoids corroding the grinder. Pepper mills generally utilize hardened steel because of its durability, but many are now using ceramic or other elements that claim to be longer lasting and rust free.

If you are not a frequent pepper user, it is recommended that you store only a small amount of pepper in your mill or else your pepper will go bad. However, if you use pepper frequently, it won’t go bad or lose aroma.

Many salt and pepper mills on the market today have settings for different grinds, depending on if you need a coarser or finer grind. Mechanically, the closer the rotating mechanism is to the base, the finer your grind will be. So for other models, adjusting the mill’s screw will adjust the grind.

Make sure to purchase a salt or pepper mill with a good warranty. Many high-end brands offer lifetime warranties for their products. Salt and pepper mills are something you should not be too stingy about, seeing as the ingredients they house are used in almost every meal.

Some tips:

arrow Do not let water into the mills if the grinders are made of steel. Wet salt can clump together in the grinder and wet pepper can create rust.

arrow Do not grind pink or green peppercorns without combining with white or black peppercorns to help prevent clogging.

arrow Clean the outside of your mill with a wet cloth or rubbing alcohol.

arrow Clean the inside mechanism with a brush, remember do not use water.

arrow Keep and store fresh peppercorns in a sealed container away from direct sunlight.



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