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10 Grains That Are Really Good For You

August 15, 2013 2 Comments

3. Millet


You are probably wondering what millet is, and I admit, I wasn’t quite sure what it was before I began my research. Millet belongs to a group of small-seeded grasses called Poaceae and is typically grown as cereal crop or grain, predominantly in third-world countries.

In the United States, this tasty grain might get overlooked on occasion because it is frequently used as a type of birdseed. But don’t be deterred from trying it: there are multiple varieties of millet including pearl, foxtail, and proso (which is the kind we generally buy in health food stores and supermarkets across the United States).

Millet is described as “mildly sweet,” versatile, and is oftentimes used as a base for alcoholic brews. One interesting nutritional fact about millet is that it is high in alkaline. Many people turn to an alkaline-rich diet to promote digestion, and that is exactly what this grain will do for you if included regularly in your meal choices.


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