Arizona Culinary and Baking Schools

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Arizona Culinary Schools

Culinary Schools – Baking Schools – Hospitality Management Schools in Arizona

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Spotlight on Arizona Culinary Schools

I thought it would be fun to every once-in-a-while look at the various culinary programs of a particular state and see what’s available as far as culinary schools and hospitality management programs. Today, I want to focus on Arizona. You may be currently living in Arizona, plan to move there soon or just think it would be a great place to live and go to culinary school. You may also want to know what’s available for you in Arizona. I’m hoping this post will give you a little more insight about the state and show you what’s available.

If you are looking for a culinary school in a city or state near you, I suggest you check out my culinary school map and find a school near you in your state. If you are looking for good resources for all things about culinary schools, baking and pastry school and management schools including culinary, hotel and restaurant management programs, check out my Culinary Career Articles or do a search above.

Or you can click on the Find A School link below, fill out the short form to the right, find a school that works for you and fill out the rest of the information request and the school will get you additional information including programs available, schedules, costs, financial and how to apply.

Why You Might Want to go to School in Arizona

This beautiful and arid state located in the Southwestern United States is one of the four corner states: sharing borders with Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Mexico and touches Colorado. In addition to its famous deserts, extremely warm summers and mild winters, Arizona is also home to the Colorado Plateau, a region in the northern part of the state that boasts many lush forests.

The Colorado Plateau, located on the four corners (Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico) contains the most national parks in one area. One of the most famous, and one that calls Arizona home, is the Grand Canyon.

The largest city in Arizona, Phoenix, is also the capitol, and the most populous state capitol in the United States. The Phoenix metropolitan area is also home to the country’s largest public university – Arizona State University as well as the fast-growing University of Phoenix.  Phoenix is followed by Tucson in population size and is home to the University of Arizona and many other educational institutions.

The mean annual salary for all occupations in the state of Arizona is $40,910, with the mean annual salary for food preparation and serving occupations being $21,230, above the national average.*

Restaurant Industry in Arizona

As of 2008, there were approximately 8,917 eating and drinking places, employing 256,200 people in Arizona. Restaurant and food-service jobs represent 11 percent of the state’s employment. The largest areas of employment in this field are located in the Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale areas. There is a projected 14.4% job growth expected by 2020 for the restaurant and food service industry.**

Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management Schools in Arizona

The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Phoenix & The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Tucson –   This well known culinary school offers both Associate and Bachelor degrees in Culinary Arts as well as an Associate degree in Baking & Pastry with campuses in Phoenix or Tucson.

Arizona Culinary Institute – Scottsdale –  A leader of culinary education since 2001, Arizona Culinary Institute offers a Diploma in Culinary Arts, Baking and Restaurant Management as well as operating a student-run restaurant named du Jour.

Central Arizona College–  This Coolidge institution offers programs in culinary arts, hotel & restaurant management and hospitality services management.

Northern Arizona University –  Located in Flagstaff, this University offers programs in Customer Services Management and Foods & Nutrition Studies.

Coconino County Community College –  This college located in Flagstaff offers a Hospitality Services Management program.

School of Hotel & Restaurant Management (part of Northern Arizona University) –  Located near the large forests of Flagstaff, this school offers a Hotel & Restaurant Management program as well as an International Hospitality Management program.

Phoenix College –  Located in the city it is named after, this college offers a Hospitality & Recreation Marketing program.

Maricopa Skill Center – Sunny Phoenix is home to the Maricopa Skill Center, which offers a meat-cutter program.

Scottsdale Community College – Scottsdale residents can attend their local community college and enroll themselves in this Culinary Arts Degrees program.

Pima College Center for Training and Development – This Tucson based institution offers a variety of programs including: Food and Beverage/Restaurant Management, Kitchen Personnel/Cook Training, Culinary Arts & Related Services and Culinary Arts/Chef Training.

Arizona Western College – This college, located near the California-Arizona border, offers programs in Hospitality Services Management and Food & Nutrition Studies.



*According to the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) May 2009
** According to the National Restaurant Association


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  1. Mary-Ann says:

    Unfortunately, the program at Coconino Community College is strips, and is not comparable to many of the other programs which seem to cater to the industry that surrounds them. They offer basic classes, which are hotel-heavy and it seems like they would not want to make an effort to include the community and bring in fresh-focus and concentrations that would benefit the service industry that dominates Northern Arizona.

  2. Pascal Dionot says:

    Classic Cooking Academy is an accredited post secondary culinary school in AZ.
    I do not see our listing in your site.
    How can we fix that?

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