The Sad Death of a Hand Blender

May 27, 2013 2 Comments

Braun Hand Blender

My 20 Year Old Hand Blender

Yesterday, I had to bid a sad farewell to my trusty cooking partner of  20 years.  I was about to hand blend a bunch of ingredients for a sauce after braising a chuck roast for pot roast, so I pulled out my Braun hand blender, plugged it in and alas, it didn’t have the strength to do the job. The blade turned vigilantly but just barely. You could hear the mini motor trying its very best to spin the little propeller at the end of the wand but to no avail. It was tired after 20 years of blending soups and sauces and anything else I could find for its use.

I have been waiting for this day knowing it would come and for the past several years I’ve been preparing myself for this eventual outcome. In fact, I’m surprised that my hand blender has lasted this long. Not many small appliances do. Just the other day I saw one of the new fancy hand blender models over on Amazon and thought I might pick one up but quickly came to my senses upon realizing I already owned a perfectly good hand blender so why bother. It must of been a premonition of what was to come.

Now as I sit here writing about the end of a truly great kitchen helper, I’m not so sure I want to run out and purchase a new one. Isn’t there some period of bereavement for a faithful gadget? I can’t tell you how many times my faithful hand blender helped me out of a jam especially that time when my regular blender was on the fritz.

When I do go out and purchase a new hand blender, I’ll look for one as clean and simple as this one and it will probably be another Braun but I’ll be sure to do my research to find the best rated model. With my 59th birthday coming up next month, I may be looking at a kitchen tool that will last me until I’m 80. Now that’s a thought. I wonder what I’ll be blending at that age? According to my wife, “Everything.”

a smart stick

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  1. Leslie Osburn says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I too have this model (it seems) and I love it dearly. And I am around your age so I may be making the same decision in the near future. Your wife is right, we will probably be blending most everything. May you find peace.

  2. another Rob says:

    I like my Cuisinart stick blender, but I have never used any of the fiddly attachments that came with it.

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