Chef Trey Foshee

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This information came from an article in Food & Wine that my friend Kate Krader wrote in the July 1998 issue for America’s Ten Best New Chefs.

I hope to meet Trey in the near future and ask to interview him myself for this section, but I thought you would enjoy the information. I’ve also included his recipe for Striped Bass with Caramelized Onion Sauce.

Background: Trained at the Culinary Institute of America

Other Restaurants Worked: La Folio, San Francisco, L’Orangerie and Rockenwagner, LA

How he got into cooking: ” I need to support my surfing habit”

Favorite equipment: Anything made of Cast Iron

Favorite Place to Eat: Sushi Nozawa, LA

Recipe tip: If you can’t find fresh morels, soak dried ones in water.

How he got his name: “My dad loved poker, so he named m Trey, for the ‘three’ card. Tres fauche is French for very penniless: my dad had no idea I’d ever cook in a French kitchen”

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