Culinary Management Schools

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Culinary Management Schools

Restaurant and Culinary Management Career – A Recipe for Success

A career in Restaurant and Culinary Management combines the best of business leadership with the bustling pace of the culinary world. Ideal for those with a love of food but a desire to move beyond the kitchen, as well as those who want to navigate the scenes behind the top food service businesses, Restaurant and Culinary Management takes a good deal of education and hard work.

Educational Requirements

Restaurant and Culinary Management is unique in the culinary world in that most entry-level employees in the field have at least a Bachelor’s degree. While the degree isn’t always required, it does demonstrate an educational background with the right amount of business training required for supervision in the high-transaction businesses of restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and even casinos.

Coursework almost always includes a smattering of general business studies, including law, ethics, communication, marketing, finances, and human resources. From there, more specialized studies move on to managing employees, overseeing a kitchen and front of the house simultaneously, and running the back-office procedures of the restaurant industry.

Of course, it’s not all business all the time. Working in the Restaurant and Culinary Management field also means that you will spend quite a bit of time dealing with food.

Although your chefs aren’t likely to hand over the knife unless you have actual cooking experience, you can expect to make purchase orders for large industries, maintain sanitation and health safety codes, and understand nutrition and menu planning. This often involves getting a hands-on education in the kitchen, even if you never intend to do the cooking yourself.

Job Future

Those who graduate with degrees in Restaurant and Culinary Management (or those who work their way up the ranks) can expect to find jobs in a variety of settings and with ample opportunities for career growth.

In fact, that’s one of the top reasons for choosing it as a career field; whether you want to work as a general manager for large corporate chain or become an entrepreneur with a business of your own, there are few limits to the business success possible as a Restaurant and Culinary Manager.

Of course, the average salary is also a draw. The average for the entire field is roughly $50,000 per year. This number reflects both the typically high salaries of those in the top management positions as well as the starting salaries for those just entering the field.

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