Female Chef Trade Organizations

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Female Culinary Trade Organizations

The Importance of Culinary Trade Organizations for Women

Female chefs remain a bit of a rarity in the culinary world. Although the number of women in culinary school is fairly high (50 percent, as compared to a mere 5 to 10 percent in the 1980s), there is still a glaring difference in the number of women moving up the ranks in restaurants and commercial kitchens. In fact, some statistics place the number of female executive chefs at a very low 4.3 percent for the entire United States.

That’s why chef trade organizations that highlight and promote women are such an important part of the culinary world. Providing a place where female chefs and restaurateurs can network and advance their professional opportunities, female chef organizations are a counter to the Good Old Boys Clubs that so often exist in the modern-day culinary world. And although there are dozens of reputable organizations, we’re going to highlight two of the most well known.

New York Women’s Culinary Alliance

According to the website, the New York Women’s Culinary Alliance is “an organization of professional women in the food and wine industry, dedicated to encouraging cooperation, networking, and education among its members.” Created primarily for women in the Tri-State area, it is open to professionals at various levels in their careers and who work in a variety of different cuisine types.

One of the biggest programs the New York Women’s Culinary Alliance participates in is in creating community outreach to educate both adults and children in New York about good health and nutrition. Additional activities include food and wine tastings, regular workshops, and business seminars.

Women Chefs & Restaurateurs

Women Chefs & Restaurateurs is probably the largest and most well-known female-centered culinary trade organization. Their mission, to “promote and enhance the education, advancement and connection of women in the culinary industry,” is backed by an incredible history of providing scholarships for female culinary students and by having over 2,000 members nationwide, many of whom have their roots in top-tier culinary organizations.

The organization offers membership in a variety of different categories, including:


Beginning Restaurant Professional

Culinary Professional

Executive Member

Friend of WCR

Small Business Member

Corporate Membership

Depending on what type of member you are, you are eligible for culinary scholarships, culinary internships, nomination for the annual Women Who Inspire Awards, and a national conference that offers cooking classes, presentations, panel talks, culinary tours, and a mini trade show.

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