Food Trucks – Gourmet Mobility in the 50 States

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Popular Food Trucks Around the USA

by Nell Jones, my oldest daughter

A tiny restaurant with no seating and a different location every day.  Sounds like a hassle, but these establishment are popping up everywhere, in the form of food trucks.

Food trucks always served a purpose on city streets and large events but now people are seeking out these food trucks for a trendy and gourmet meal.  Whether they’re parked on college campuses, outside the gym, at a festival, or catering your next party, they are more plentiful and more foodie than what your grandparents might remember.

I was introduced to food trucks at my school that would be parked on campus at different hours of the day as an alternative food choice for the students.  Once I got a taste of some of these vendors, I craved for the days that they would come back to campus.

Then when I had access to my car at school, I realized that a lot of these food trucks make their locations throughout the week known to the public.

Now, whether it’s the acai truck that I’m craving in the morning or the Greek truck I’m craving in the afternoon, I find it’s location on their website or twitter and drive to them.

It might defeat the purpose of food TRUCK, but I’ve found that the food that these establishments are creating are better and cheaper than most of the brick and mortar establishments around my campus.  This is important for a college student and probably one of the reasons you will find a lot of these food trucks around college campuses.

Here are some must-visit food truck vendors throughout (most of) the United States.


City Bowls

This Birmingham acai and fruit bowl truck allows you to order online and pick up at the truck, with a truck locator located online.



Mustache Pretzels

Perfect for the photo-op, this Scottsdale food truck makes homemade pretzels in the shape of mustaches for when you want a snack but you … mustache.





For a state of people always driving, it makes sense that food trucks would be all the craze.  Kogi serves Mexican style Korean BBQ from their five food trucks in the LA area.




Hey PB&J

Going back to the old school days, Hey PB&J food truck in Denver serves unique versions of PB&J sandwiches.  The owner, Matt McDonald has also recently upgraded to an open kitchen trailer called Meatball.




The Caseus Cheese Truck

Expanding from the popular cheese shop and bistro, this New Haven food truck serves comfort food for comfort prices. If you can eat 10 grilled cheeses in under an hour, you win!




I Don’t Give A Fork

This food truck travels around the University of Delaware, serving hangover cures to students who don’t really give a fork.  And with the famous Mac & Cheesesteak, really you don’t need a fork…




House of Mac

Rated one of the top food trucks in the nation, this Miami food truck prides itself on unique mac & cheese and 50,000 Instagram followers.

Florida Food Trucks

Photo by Colleen G.




Cupcakes for Courage

This food truck drives around the Chicago area selling cupcakes to raise money for cancer research.




Bite Into Maine

There are a lot of food trucks around the country that try to mimic Maine’s famous lobster rolls, but this one is the real deal.  Driving around Cape Elizabeth, this food truck gives you six lobster rolls for $18 with a side of the Portland Head Light view.





The Jolly Pig

Maryland used to be a state with barely any gourmet food trucks, but now they are all over the city.  The Jolly Pig truck drives around Baltimore and offers a selection of pulled pork tacos and other sandwiches.





Bon Me

One of Boston’s original food trucks, Bon Me became so successful that it opened a FEW of its own stores and has many more food trucks roaming around the city.  It offers Vietnamese sandwiches and noodles.

Photo by Kalman Zabarsky for Boston University Photography



New York:

Lil Zeus Lunch Box

In New York City you can probably find a food truck on every corner of every street to save you from the prices of normal NYC restaurants.  While you might have to wait in line, this truck serves some of the best, and cheapest, Greek food in all of the city.



North Carolina:

Buoy Bowls

Perfect for a healthy breakfast, this acai bowl truck (“ah-sigh-ee, ya’ll) drives around the Raleigh-Durham area serving these bowls and smoothies.  You can usually find their big purple truck parked outside a gym.




Undrgrnd Donuts

Not only about to win the “ultimate Philly food truck” but also Philly’s ONLY gourmet donut truck, Undergrnd Donutes drives around serving donuts that truly look like a piece of art in the city of brotherly love.

Pennsylvania Food Trucks

Photograph by Emily Teel



South Carolina:

Booze Pops

Food trucks in Charleston might not be as difficult to find, especially if you visit on the second Sunday of the month, where they line the street.  One popular food truck, or in this case better referred to as an icecream truck is the Booze Pops truck. These alcohol infused popsicles are sold outside the numerous bars are the main street, perfect for a combination dessert pregame!




Bare Naked Bagel

When you’re in Nashville and sick of grits, you go order a bagel from Bare Naked Bagel.  This food truck serves New York style bagel with all unprocessed ingredients. They also have a brick and mortar shop for when you don’t feel like chasing them down.





Ever think you would find Italian food in a food truck that’s not pizza? Look no further.  Patrizi’s drives around Austin serving homemade pastas to its customers. Buon appetito.





Where Ya At Matt

Since 2010, this food truck has been driving around Seattle serving Cajun and Creole food to all it’s loyal customers.  It became such a hit that the founder actually closed his restaurant, this is the only way to eat this New Orleans native’s cuisine.




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