Gazing Cows

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Cooking Cartoon about Gazing at Cows on the Farm

What the Reluctant Gourmet Sees On the Farm When Gazing at Cows

I have been really interested in learning more about beef cuts and where on the cow they come from.  I’ve have a post called Steak Cuts that talks about some of the primal cuts and some of the more specific steaks coming from them. I also wrote a piece called My Ten Best Steak Buying Tips describing some of my favorite pointers when out buying a steak to grill or cook at home. One of my favorite new posts is called Beef Fabrication Video and shows Dr. Gregg Rentfrow breaking down half a carcuss while describing each primal cut and the beef cuts associated with them. This cartoon came from that fascination with beef cuts and my desire to learn more.



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I have printed some of these cartoons on tee shirts and other fun stuff at Zazzle . If you don’t see the cartoon you want, let me know and I will try to get it up there for you. They make great gifts for your favorite “reluctant” gourmet.

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