Potato Cooking Cartoon

February 28, 2008 119 Comments

Cooking Cartoon about Deciding on Potatoes

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Ever go to the supermarket with a list of ingredients but when you get there, you realize there are a lot more choices than you imagined. This can easily happen when you are shopping for potatoes. Most markets have a huge selection of them and what you buy depends a lot on what you’re going to do with them. So this cartoon depicts the Reluctant Gourmet at the market trying to figure out which potatoes to buy and what to make with them.

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  1. Tina R Taylor-Tyler says:

    New Baby Potato were grown in a gene bank vault below freezing point and the potatoes was protected by meter-thick walls of reinforced concrete, two airlocks and high security blast-proof doors.

  2. Amy Shaman says:

    One potato, two potato, three potato… four?

    Five potato, six potato, seven potato… more!!!

  3. Julia Mason says:

    “Now what kind of potato did she say to get?”

  4. Claudia says:

    One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four?

  5. pamela schafer says:

    One potato, two potato, three potato, four—-

  6. Diana Procopio says:

    One potato, two potato, three potato, four, five potato, six potato, seven potato,,more!

  7. Barry Broderick says:

    Boiled, Baked, Fried, Steamed… Yikes too many choices!

  8. Pat Minnie says:

    Let me think, was I to pick up potatoes or po-ta-toes?

  9. gnysack says:

    I hope they don’t have their eyes on me.

  10. Jim Masters says:

    These go with what?

  11. Barbara Kluckas says:

    I wonder if I can fit ONE MORE into my chef’s hat?

  12. Kjell says:

    Hmm, I’m finding the new potato. Now, where’s the pre-owned?

  13. David says:

    I can’t remember whether that was potato or potatoe…

  14. Nancy says:

    And when I enlisted, they told me I was going to be a chef!

  15. Debbie says:

    Sooo many spuds, so little time……

  16. Ad Casey says:

    Where are the french fries??????

  17. Ellen Collins says:

    “Make something easy,” she says, “like potatoes.”

  18. lolly says:

    Irish stew I presume needs Irish potatoes See any green spuds here anywhere?

  19. Maria (monica_118) says:

    Hmmm… can’t remember what Chef Nelson’s recipe calls for — russet, Idaho, baby whites, baby reds??

  20. ^^j^^ says:

    Eanie, meanie, miney, mo…..which potato–heck if I know!

  21. Amanda Bidwell says:

    Did Chef David say to pick up mealy potatoes or waxy ones??

  22. Trash says:

    Oh c’mon, where’s the sweet potatoes?

  23. cathy bell says:


  24. Donita says:

    I wonder if I call them “BARNEY” potatoes if the kids will eat them?

  25. EB says:

    You say potAAAAtoe, I say potAHHHto… but it seems that something has been added to the translation at the store.

  26. Bev Stevenson says:

    It’s hard to concentrate with so many “eyes” on me!

  27. Alex Kagioglu says:

    Where are the low fat potatoes?

  28. Alex Kagioglu says:

    Why am I so confused?

  29. 5318008 says:

    Atkins must be turning in his grave…

  30. Nancy says:

    When life gives you potatoes, make chips.

  31. Diane says:

    Gosh where did my daughter put her rock collection!!!

  32. mike kadar says:

    now let’s see.with all theses wonderful choices of potatoes, my mind is begining to spudder.

  33. PERRY J.BARBEE says:


  34. Haley Moore says:

    “So if these potatos are new does that mean the rest are old or just finely aged?”

  35. Farina Oweena says:

    Sweet potatoes or yukon gold potatoes…..Hmmmm. I can use either in a pie right?

  36. arnold says:

    mama miah what have we here?

  37. Stephen says:

    “And I thought making mashed potatoes was going to be easy!”

  38. Stephen says:

    “Enie minie minie my, catch a potato by the eye”

  39. Stephen says:

    “Who said cooking potatoes was easy?”

  40. Nancy says:

    “Gold potatoes with red plates or red potatoes with gold plates? Or should I just choose the purple ones to match the flowers in the centerpiece?”

  41. tone says:

    one of these and a six pack of beer could be a seven course meal!!??

  42. tone says:

    Gee, how am i going to explain this to my wife.

  43. tone says:

    Why do I feel like bursting out with… “The hills are alive with gourmet potatoesss lalalala”!?

  44. Ramya says:

    Too involved, Too confused

  45. Chef David says:

    I wonder what Purple Potato salad would look like?

  46. David says:

    And at that moment, the young chef decided to specialize in low carb cuisine.

  47. Fara says:

    “I should have brought my wife….”

  48. Steve says:

    “Who says carbs are dead?”

  49. Steve says:

    “Talk about yoyur carbo loading!”

  50. Amy says:

    I think its time to go low carb!

  51. Dilbert says:

    hmmm, now where did my cell phone get to….

  52. Bobby Harr says:

    Purple Potatoes, Gold Potatoes? But my
    Alma Mater’ colors are Scarlet and Silver. What do I tell the chairman of the entertainment committee?

  53. betty crooked says:

    Spuds MacPlentie

  54. karen says:

    Why did my wife make me wear this stupid hat and apron!

  55. Deanna says:

    Now which one of these will go with that new white wine I bought yesterday…Mmmm?

  56. Thom says:

    What? Now even *potatoes* are politically correct??

  57. John Martin says:

    So many potatoes,
    so little time!

  58. Sunny O says:

    My wife is always asking are you a fruit or a nut.. Mmmmm

  59. jared says:

    mashed. smashed. twice baked.
    potatoes aren’t the only one in hot water

  60. Sofia Lopez says:

    1) Awww spuds!!!!!

    2) I feel like I’m being watched, but there’s no one around.

    3)I’ve got my eye on the potato in the middle, but I can’t get to it.

  61. Bort S says:

    “Why am I wearing my chefs hat at the grocery store?”

  62. Oberdan L Nicolanti says:

    “I’ll need to use this funny hat to carry all these.” Where are the instant mashed potatoes?

  63. Ann says:

    “The eyes have it!”

  64. Judy the farmwife says:

    which color of potato will color coordinate with Meatloaf and green beans?

    i think i will make a rainbow potato salad.

  65. KKB says:

    Okay…For a no complain guarantee I’ll get a pound of each.

  66. Barbara Kluckas says:

    and I thought trans fats were a problelm

  67. Bre says:

    Why o why did I tell my wife she could go out with the girls tonight?

  68. Chef David Nelson says:

    Like in the scene fron Jaws…

    I’m gonna need a bigger shopping cart!


    Lot’s of good ones here RG! Tough choice.

  69. Jessica says:

    1. Oh, if only I weren’t colorblind!!

    2. What goes better with collard greens? Purple or gold potatoes?

  70. Craig Robillard says:

    I can find the parsley, sage, and rosemary, but I just can’t seem to find the thyme!

  71. Tanker says:

    Try as he might, Bob eventually went home without finding the “french fried” potatoes.

  72. echo bravo says:

    which ones can you smash?

  73. Paresh says:

    Hmm… now, was it Potatoes or Batata?

  74. Miley says:

    There are too many colors! why are you putting preasure on me!

  75. Debbi J says:

    “Someone pleeease tell me I don’t have to peel them all!”

  76. Hannah says:

    Gee–they look awfully big to fit on a skewer!

  77. Hannah says:

    How DO you make twice-baked potaotes on a barbecue grill?

  78. Hannah says:

    I wonder–is potato-stuffed potatoes overkill?

  79. Eric says:

    “Where are the french fries?”

  80. Levi Brown says:

    Russet, Purple, Yukon, but where are the Mashed?

  81. gary says:

    What did one potato say to the next potato? I’ve got my eye on you!

  82. Nate Hitchcock says:

    Tu-ber… or not tu-ber…

  83. Nate Hitchcock says:

    Potat… oh…

  84. Roseline says:

    Pick a potato, pick a potato, I know not what to pick??? Cook with potato, cook with potato ……help ! Help! help me quick!

  85. Greg K. says:

    Hmm….they never told me this would be like going to Starbucks for a cup of coffee….

  86. Greg K. says:

    I now understand why this was a punishment in the Army……

  87. kate barbosa says:

    po? ta? toes? which one????

  88. kate barbosa says:

    purple? red? yellow? brown? are all these potatoes???

  89. Kell says:

    So many taters, so little time ….

  90. Adriana says:

    What are scallions again?

  91. kate barbosa says:

    these potatoes are so stressing…

  92. kate barbosa says:

    One potato, two potato, three potato… four?

  93. Gerry says:

    I wonder if they all taste like potato?

  94. Kelly says:

    Ok…I give up…where’s the # to the nearest pizza place?

  95. Devika says:

    Oh! for a normal-potato

  96. Maya says:

    Where are the Wafers???

  97. savannah lynn says:

    Well… the recipe only said 5 large potatoes. I wonder wich ones they’re talking about?

  98. eatoutzone says:

    guess i have to start my lessons all over again!

  99. Kevin says:

    Chip potatoes …. chip potatoes ….chip potatoes …. I gotta get a life !

  100. Joey says:

    “Maybe we should just have rice tonight!”

  101. Tim says:

    Hmm, all I wanted was some white potatoes.

  102. Luke says:

    Why is everyone staring at me? Is not “cool” to wear your apron in public?

  103. DAN says:

    Should I get new potatoes or the old ones

  104. Pam says:

    Now… where the heck are the mashed potatoes?

  105. allyson* says:

    Yu-kon pick this or you can pick that…
    I-Da-Ho what to do!

  106. Vivi'an says:

    Should I Take one of Each? After-all, I Am a Gourmet, and I am Reluctant to take just one and Miss out on All of the Selective Flavors! or should i get more?

  107. Brittney says:

    What in the world is wrong with me? I’m already forgetting what I need and now I’m seeing purple potatoes!

  108. Angela says:

    Befuddled by spuds.

  109. Sarah Berkowitz says:

    I think potatoes are in season now?

  110. Lynnette says:

    Hmm…They asked for potatoes…but..which ones?

  111. diana peasant says:

    all i can do is just spud around

  112. aditya says:

    wasn’t this suppose to be the flower market!?

  113. Kalaya says:

    I think I’ll head to the instant aisle.

  114. francine says:

    well……..let me think it first,

  115. Torrent says:

    Pick up the right color to make the right taste.

  116. Rochelle says:

    Hello, I really like the cartoon of the man scratching his head looking at the potatoes. I am wanting to use it for a diet program I run. I did not see a way to purchase the rights to use the cartoon. Could you direct me to one.

    Hi Rochelle, at this time none of my cartoons are available for licensing and are fully copyrighted although I may make them available in the future. Thanks for asking and not just taking. – RG

  117. Jureena Kumar says:

    I’ve stumbled across a potato rainbow!

  118. Laurence Meier says:

    lets get to the root of the matter…

  119. Laurence Meier says:

    do they all stem from the same root…

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