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Top 10 Steak Buying Tips

September 16, 2012 9 Comments

My Ten Best Steak Buying Tips For the Home Cook

A lot of visitors ask me about buying steaks so I thought I would start putting together some tips together on buying steaks, describing various cuts and what to look for when purchasing a good steak. I asked Jimmy Kerstein, someone who worked forty years in the meat industry and is the author of The Butcher’s Guide – An Insider’s View to Buy the Best Meat and Save Money. Between his incredible depth of knowledge and some additional research of my own, I think you’ll enjoy these 10 worthwhile tips next time you are at the market looking to pick up a steak for supper. You may also be interested in How to Grill a Good Steak?

#1. Choose the right steak for the right meal before going to the market

Steak Buying Tips

It doesn’t matter if you buy your steaks at the supermarket or a gourmet butcher shop. If you want to learn about meat, how to purchase it, what’s a good buy today, how to cook it, start a relationship with your butcher. These are the folks who know what you don’t and will be glad to help if you just ask.

My own local butchers tell me that customers don’t take advantage of their knowledge and experience. They come in with their own preconceived ideas of what a good steak should look like and end up buying an inferior product. A good steak is expensive so why not ask the expert who handles the products everyday what they think is a good bargain. You may be surprised by getting better cuts for less money.

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  1. Jake says:

    Lot of great information here. Thank you for the steak buying tips.

  2. cedric says:

    Thanks for the great advice. I was not aware that steak was graded in that manner.

  3. Sergio says:

    Interesting and useful advice . Now, I would appreciate your suggestion about to COOK those beautiful **RIBEYES**

    • The Reluctant Gourmet says:

      Working on a list of cooking suggestions for Rib Eyes and all these other steaks. Please check back Sergio.

  4. Sam Tha Butcha says:

    I have been a Butcher for 10 years and whoever wrote this blog is right! Us Butcher’s are more than happy to make a customer happy.You wouldn’t believe the stuff that happens behind the counter.But I have to say if you are nice to your local Butcher he or she will be nice to you…..Keep That In Mind The Next Time You Think About Being Rude to Your Local Butcher;-)

  5. Anna Pecora says:

    this was very informative and answered my question was which are the best day to buy within my price range. I will certainly side when I can and maybe once or twice a year I can get prime.

  6. Wayne says:

    The advise u gave me was great it made for the best steak ever!

  7. Wayne says:

    It was the best steak I ever bought

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