The Priests Omelette Recipe

January 29, 2014 3 Comments

 The Priest's Omelette Recipe

Not sure why Chef Eric Arrouze calls this a “Priest’s Omelette” but it sure looks delicious and any recipe that calls for crème fraîche can’t be that bad. Chef Arrouze is from France where they spell omelet, omelette which is fine with me. Here’s what he says about this tasty looking recipe,

A decadent mushroom omelette recipe with hints of Cognac and cream perfectly rolled and not overcooked, like a French chef or priest might master.  Alternatively, you may substitute the chives with basil or tarragon and the scampi with lobster or shrimp.

Chef Eric Arrouze Chef In Training

This recipe comes from Chef Eric’s new book, actually a memoir called Child to Chef – A Gourmand In Training. You can read about it and my Interview with Chef Arrouze. I asked Chef Eric about “scampi” because I’ve always thought of it as a way to prepare shrimp but he tells me “scampis are langoustines” or as Wikipedia describes them, “a slim, orange-pink lobster which grows up to 10 in long, and is “the most important commercial crustacean in Europe”.

Chef Eric says, “They are different from shrimp and much more delicate and expensive” so I’m guessing very difficult to find in most supermarkets. Try substituting shrimp or lobster.

The Priests Omelette Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10