Back Bay Seafood Crab Cakes

August 17, 2010 5 Comments

Back Bay Crab Cakes

The Most Delicious Stone Harbor Crab Cakes

Could be the best crab cakes I’ve ever tasted. I’ve heard about Back Bay Seafood in Stone Harbor, NJ for years. People have told me they have the best crab cakes and crab chowder on the island. Last night I had the opportunity to taste their crab cakes and they are right.

I was surprised when I entered their store by how small it is. There were three other customers in the shop and when I opened the screen door, they all had to move over so I could get in. In front of me was the back of a big refrigerator and behind that was a small kitchen where I could see three or four people moving around.

Just to the left of the door was the cash register and a nice woman who took my order and checked me out. I was told there could be a long wait but I think that is when you order prepared foods like their Seafood Combination Dinner – Fried or Broiled. When you are there just for their U-Cook-Em Crab Cakes, there is little or no wait unless there is a line out the door I guess. This night there was no line.

The nice lady at the counter asked me if I need cooking instructions and of course I reluctantly said yes. I thought she said bake them at 400 degrees for 15 minutes but when I read a review on their web site, I found articles saying to broil them at 400 degrees but I’m not sure how you do that. When I set my oven to broil, I stick it on broil and am not sure what the temperature it. We baked them and they came out delicious.

How Are They Made

I’m not sure if either co-owner Tom Hegyvari or Keith Meloni are going to share their crab cake recipe with me, but I’ll try to contact them and give it a try. I do know from eating them that there is little or no filler in these 5 ounces of crab delight and they may have a subtle coating of breadcrumbs or corn meal on the surface.

I also know from reading the articles on their web site that they use a combination of jumbo lump and blue crab claw meat, herbs and use mayo to bind the crab meat together.  I don’t know if they are getting their crab meat locally, but I’m guessing if not it is from Maryland or somewhere on the East Coast. I hope so.

We always purchase fresh crab claws from the Avalon Seafood Market, a great source for local seafood but when we stopped there after picking up the crab cakes we were disappointed when they didn’t have any. Now they are selling a canned – pasteurized product with crab meat that comes from the “Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean – locations known the world over for producing the best Blue Crab.”

They were ok if you put enough cocktail sauce on them but nowhere near as good as the fresh crab claws from Maryland. There was an off taste that I’m guessing comes from the processing and the meat is not as tender or delicate as the fresh local claws.

Back to Back Bay Crab Cakes

The crab cakes are not cheap, $8.50 each but when you compare that with what they charge for crab cakes at one of the nicer local seafood restaurants ($30 to $40 for a pair and I can’t image they could be better than these), the price is reasonable.  And eating them at home gives you yet another opportunity to enjoy fresh local Jersey corn and tomatoes.

If you are in the Stone Harbor – Avalon area, I encourage you to go to Back Bay Seafood and give their crab cakes a try. And while you are there, you might want to taste their crab chowder and lobster bisque. I know I will next time I’m over there. I think I read they will even ship crab cakes to you overnight.

And of course, if you have a great crab cake recipe you would like to share, I would like to hear about it.

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  1. Laya says:

    Hi. I live in Baltimore, and used to be a server at a local seafood restaurant that nowadays produces frozen seafood products that you can buy at your local supermarket. This was about 10 years ago, and it had just hit the news that they were using Asian crab meat much like the claw meat you bought in their restaurants. (The only difference is that I never saw their meat come from a can – it came in food grade plastic tubs much like how crab meat is packed in the grocery store.)

    As part of our training, we had to learn about the meat being used to answer any customer questions. The reason the Pacific meat isn’t as tender is the same reason the Maine lobster meat is more tender and flavorful than South American or “Brazilian” lobsters – Pacific blue crabs grow in warm waters. They grow all year round, and get to be much bigger than U.S. East Coast blue crabs. It produces meat that can be bland and tough, vs. the natural sweetness of MD, NC, SC, NJ, or TX blue crabs.

  2. Keith Meloni says:

    Just surfing the web and came across your blog about my crab cakes. I am glad that you enjoyed them and gave my restaurant so many wonderful compliments. We have many other great items on our menu for you to try as well, especially our fried shrimp or chicken parm. You will not be disappointed! Thanks again!

    • Hey Keith, no problem. The crab cakes were fantastic and show your dedication to perfection. I can’t wait to try your other menu suggestions. Maybe we can set up an interview so I can learn more about your food philosophy. – RG

  3. hmong says:

    i am surely a huge fan of seafood. if you think about health benefits also together with the pleasant taste is amazing stuff.

    Yes it is amazing stuff Hmong. – RG

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