I can honestly say I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like. I’m no expert, but I rely on cheese articles in newspapers and magazines and the folks at the cheese stores I shop at to point me in the direction of new and interesting cheeses.  Based on my discussions with them, tastings by myself as well as my own research, I’ve broken this topic down in two sections.

Cheese Primer is a collection of articles I’ve written about different aspects of cheese and Favorite Cheeses is a description of some of my all time favorite that I think you will enjoy. From young fresh goat cheeses to crumbly, pungent blues to runny, ripe brie, there really is something here for everyone. There is even a lot of information on what I call “stinky cheeses,” or washed rind cheeses.  There is an art and science to turning milk into an almost endless variety of cheese, and I hope that these articles give you at least a glimpse into the fascinating world of the cheesemaker.

Cheese Primer

cashel blue cheese

If you love to try new cheeses, this is the page for you! I have been fortunate to get to know two great cheese mongers at my local farmer’s market. My first cheese guru was Cheese Guy Jack. When he moved away, I started getting my cheese from Stinky Cheese Guy Bill. And I learned all that I could from both of them, both for myself and so I could share the information with you.

Favorite Cheeses

la tur cheese

One of the things I find so fascinating about cheese is that there are just so many different kinds. You’d think that, with just three or so simple ingredients, there wouldn’t be that much variation among cheese, but you’d be so wrong. Some cheese is sweet and milky. Some is salty and pungent. Some cheese are spreadable. Some melt into long, gooey strings while others hold their shape or don’t melt at all.