Chef Bub Horne

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Interview Chef Bub Horne

“Try to prepare food with out hurting it. Preserve integrity of ingredients .”

I met Chef Horne on the Internet via E-mail months ago and we’ve been trying to get together since then to go restaurant hopping to meet some of his chef friends. Chef Horne works at Daymon Associates an R &D Chef for new product development. Check out his most requested recipe, Roast New York Strip.

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Reluctant Gourmet’s Interview

Chef, did you cook growing up?

Only son of a single parent, with three sisters, what I did was not so much “cooking” as foraging. I was responsible (or irresponsible) for feeding myself. I never got breakfast unless I made it myself. I bought lunch at school, which was not very exciting. Dinners were miserable, the company was good. Thank God, enjoying a meal with your family is not dependant on the quality of the food.

My specialties by the age of 16 were: Acorn Muffins,( I harvested the acorns myself), Hamburgers,(I still make real good ones), homemade beef jerky, Brownies and Date Bars (from packages), Peanut butter sandwiches were and remain a staple in my diet.

What made you decide you would become a professional cook?

The Chef at the Exchange Club (1972) in SLC told me he thought I would be an asset in the kitchen.(I was a busboy). After working for him in the kitchen for about 6 mos. he recommended I look at Cooking School. The idea stuck and grew.

Where were you trained and how difficult was your training?

Max Mercier, Randy Richins, John Nelson, Wout ten Walden and a few others here in Salt Lake really laid down the basics. Randy once told me if I could cook everything in Julia Childs first book I’d be better than most cooks in town. He was right. At the Culinary Institute in 1974, Bernard Rosenstein and Eugene Bernard,( as well as many others not the least of which was Peter Kolich), managed to beat into my thick skull many more essentials. The major teaching tool in those days was humiliation, it’s still effective. I’ve been poked, smacked, teased and even burned. But a through understanding of the basics is so important, you can not progress beyond a certain point without a good foundation.

Would you do it again?

In a heartbeat.

Best piece of advice you would give a home enthusiast?

Shop daily, learn to follow instructions. Listen while you read.

Best cooking tip for a novice?

Try to prepare food with out hurting it. Preserve integrity of ingredients.

Favorite gadget?

Toss up between Mr. Juiceman and the mandolin

Funniest kitchen incident?

Takes hindsight for this to be humorous. The night the air conditioner broke down at One Fifth Avenue restaurant in New York, during a party for Kiki Dee, (Elton John was the Host). 300+ half naked roadies make a good party even at 95 degrees. Everybody who was anybody was gone in the first half hour.

Favorite food to cook with?

Beef, I love to cook beef and make beef sauces along with fish, vegetables, danish pastry.

When at home, what do you like to eat?

Pasta, Salad, lots of grains, fresh juices, Beer!

Thanks for the interview

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