Dicing Onions Cartoon

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Cooking Cartoon about a home chef cooking with his mom.

Come on Mom, let me dice something.

This cartoon is a tribute to my mom who I watched learn to cook while growing up. Being from Denmark, she learned how to cook many Danish meals from my MorMor (grandmother) but had to learn to make classic American meals so dinner time was often an interesting occasion.

Thinking back, I don’t remember helping my mom much in the kitchen most likely because I was at some sports practice after school until it was time to come home to eat. If I did help, it was usually to peel potatoes, wash vegetables or some other non knife bearing task.

As I got older, she really didn’t like a lot of help in the kitchen other than my dad so I can’t say I learned many knife skills from my mom.

In our house today, we started the kids out early with knives and both of them are getting pretty good at cutting onion except I still don’t like the way they hold the knives and when cutting onions, they insist on “Onion Goggles.”

I don’t blame them, I use them too.

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Use of cartoons

These cartoons are all copyrighted so please do not use them in any way without permission.

What Makes You Cry When Cutting Onions?

I did a little research on the Internet and came away more confused than when I started. Amino acid sulfoxides, propanethiol S-oxide, sulfuric acid, highly volatile, allinase enzymes, lachrymal glands and so on. For the most scientific explanation I could find, check out Mental_Floss “where knowledge junkies get their fix.”

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