Hospitality and Tourism Careers

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Hospitality and Tourism Career

What Are Some of the Top Hospitality and Tourism Careers Available?

Combining culinary training, a hospitality degree, and the tourism field can put you on the map for a great future. The travel and tourism industry accounts for around 8 percent of the world’s workforce, with even more opportunities opening up every year.

And because your skills and experience can take you to places you never imagined, this is an ideal career field if you are just finishing culinary school and wonder where to turn next.

Tourism-Based Culinary Jobs

The tourism and travel industry encompasses a wide range of employment options. Cruise lines, hotels, resorts, airlines, spas, bed and breakfast facilities, and even restaurants in the heart of a tourist center are all part of this booming industry. If you have a culinary degree or a background in hospitality management, you could find gainful employment here. Some of the top jobs include:

Chef (Executive, Sous, Line, Prep)

Food Service Managers

General Managers

Food Service


Hotel Management

Many of the tourism companies (especially once you start considering five-star hotels and top resorts) offer a very high level of service. This means they want chefs who are experienced in fine dining, and hospitality managers who know how to work with an elite clientele.

Whether you work up from an entry-level job or transfer from an existing position, it’s important to have the right training and education.

Travel and Tourism Programs

If you are considering going to culinary school or entering a hospitality management program, be sure and look for the following:

Are they found in an area with good internship opportunities?

You don’t have to live in Miami or Hawaii in order to enter this field, but being able to train in a top-ranked hotel or resort can really boost your chances of landing a good job.

Can you get the degree you want?

Especially in hotel management, having a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) is key in finding good jobs and getting the right promotions.

Are there international opportunities?

One of the best reasons to get into the tourism industry is so that you can see the world. A program that is willing to send you abroad to learn about other cultures, foods, and languages could be ideal in getting started.

Both culinary and hospitality management degrees can help you enter the tourism industry. Whether you get a certificate of completion from a vocational school, an Associate degree from community college, or a higher degree from a university, your employers want to know that you have the training necessary to provide quality service day in and day out.

After all, they may be taking on a risk paying for your transfer from another city or for your room and board on their cruise line, and you are an important part of their success.




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