How To Stir Properly

January 17, 2011 5 Comments

How to Stir Technique

PHow to Stir Video

There are more reasons to stir when cooking than you have imagined. Here Peter Hertzmann shows you in his well thought out and detailed cooking video called “Stirring Conclusions” the reasons to stir, the different utensils to use for stirring and how to stir properly. You may have thought you knew how to stir but you may be surprised after seeing this video.

Peter Hertzmann is the author of Knife Skills Illustrated, instructor at Sur La Table and owner of à la carte cooking website. You may have seen my interview with Peter on Novice2Pro Chef Interviews. His website is very informative with tons of articles, recipes and videos.

  • Why is it Necessary to Stir?
  • Which Utensils are Best for Stirring?
  • How to Hold a Stirrer
  • How to Stir and Flip With a Frying Pan
  • Where in the Pot to Stir?
  • How Often to Stir Something?


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  1. roger says:

    At Cowboy and Chuckwagon Cooking, we always use the wooden spoon. I remember how my mom would scream if we used a metal spoon in her Teflon skillets. However, we don’t use anything but cast iron and while a metal spoon sincerely doesn’t harm the cookware, it can scratch my well worked in seasoning and the wood just does a better job.

    • The Reluctant Gourmet says:

      Hi Roger, thanks for visiting and commenting about wooden spoons. Chefs have often told me to only use wooden spoons when cooking sauces. I’m guessing it has something to do with the acidity but I’m not sure. I like the feel of my wooden spoons, some of them older than my kids.

  2. Tony says:

    Ahh, the wooden spoon. The disciplinary tool of choice of my Italian mother.

  3. Mrs. Catherine McLean says:

    I’m a 4-H leader with kids 8-12 years old and your information about stirring do’s and don’ts was just what I needed for tomorrow’s meeting! Thanks a million.

  4. Hugo Elias says:

    My stirrer of choice is a stiff silicone spatula. The chef in the video said he didn’t like the floppy silicone ones, and I don’t either, but I wonder if he has tried the stiffer ones. Once you try, you’ll never go back; they are amazing. The reason is that they can conform perfectly to the shape of the pan, allowing you to wipe food perfectly from around the sides of the pan. When serving, you can wipe almost every drop of food out of the pan, leaving is almost completely clean. Search for “Colourworks Silicone Spatula“.

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