I Broke My Butter Bell

October 6, 2006 5 Comments

Butter Bell

What is a Butter Bell?

Also called a French butter bell crock or butter keeper, a butter bell is a ceramic two-piece dish that stores butter out of the refrigerator. When I first read about it in one of the cooking magazines, I didn’t believe it would keep butter fresh.

After thinking about it a bit, I wondered how they kept butter fresh in a home before refrigeration? So I purchased one.


Because my kids love frozen waffles or toast in the morning for breakfast. They like these waffles with butter on them and when I tried to spread the hard butter from the refrigerator onto the waffle it would tear or the kids would complain, “Daddy, there’s too much butter!”

Now with the butter crock, the butter stays soft and spreads fast and I can control how little or how much I want to put on. It works like a charm and has reduced the morning “discussions” by one.

That was until I accidentally dropped the bell part of the butter bell and smashed it to pieces.

So What Did I Do?

I immediately went online and ordered two more. One to use now and one as a backup in case I get clumsy again and break another one.

However, I may give the backup to another stay-at-home dad friend of mine who has the same battle in the morning with his young ones.

A Reluctant Gourmet Recommendation

Learn More about These Amazing Crocks

If you want to learn more about how they work and where you can purchase them online, I have a page called Butter Bell Crocks & Keepers. There are even some quotes from popular chefs who think they’re great.

You’ll also find a link to some herb butter recipes like cilantro herb butter and Brennan’s Bananas Foster Butter.



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  1. Alanna from A Veggie Venture says:

    I love the butter bell … gave three for Christmas gifts last year.

  2. Christo says:

    This article prompted me to have one, went online to order, and just received it 2 days ago. What a charm to have! It begs to ask why one have waited so long?

  3. Bill says:

    Just got mine two days ago and it works fabulous.I’m giving these as holiday gifts this year.I’m trying to find a 1/2 lb. butter bell.Bill

    • Cheryl says:

      I have used butter bells for years. I have found that the Le Creuset Butter Crock will hold 6 ounces of butter. Not quite a 1/2 pound but more than most others. I also use a Tovolo mini silicone spatula to pack the butter in and to get the last bit out at the end.

  4. jollystnick says:

    thanks for that, how are you doing for this xmas? i took your recommendation and purchased a
    surrender for my wife.

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