Pasta and Rice Conversions

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Pasta and Rice Conversions

Pasta and Rice Conversions & Equivalents

How frustrating is it when you’re cooking dinner from a great recipe you found in your favorite cooking magazine that says you need 2 cups of cooked rice but you have no idea how much dry rice that takes. Or what if you need to know how many cups of cooked macaroni yields from 1 cup of dry macaroni?

I’ve been there so I created this helpful list of rice and pasta conversions and equivalents I think will help all home cooks. I know I’ll be referring to it often.

How Much Pasta Per Person?

The question most often asked about pasta is how much dry pasta do you cook per person? This really depends on a bunch of factors including the type of pasta, how it is served, what it is served with and who are you serving it to.

According to the pasta manufacturer Barilla, 2 ounces of dry pasta is the right amount per person. That sounds right if the pasta is a side dish to a chicken or meat entry or if you are serving it as a small plate appetizer.

In many of my favorite Italian cookbooks, they suggest 1 pound (16 ounces) of pasta for 4 people or 4 ounces per person. That seems like a lot of pasta to me. I typically cook a pound box of pasta like penne or a pound package of spaghetti or fettuccine for the four of us, but there are usually leftovers at the end of the meal.

I’m going to say 3 – 4 ounces per person depending on what type of eater you are feeding should work out nicely. Another way you’ll see long pasta like spaghetti or angle hair presented in cookbooks and on the internet is in diameter. For example, a 2 – 1/8 inch circumference of spaghetti equates to 2 ounces dry spaghetti or 1 cup cooked.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I measured out the circumference of my pasta before cooking. I have seen those spaghetti measuring tools you can purchase that have different sized wholes in them to use to measure out circumference, I think I even have one somewhere in the drawer but it rarely sees the light of day. Maybe I need to give it a try.

Pasta Conversions & Equivalents

1 pound dried pasta (16 oz.) serves 4 – 5 people
2 ounces long pastas yields 1 cup pasta cooked
2 ounces short pastas yields 1-1/4 cups cooked
2 ounces soup pastas yields about 2/3 cup to 1-1/4 cups cooked
2 ounces shells yields about 1-1/4 cups cooked
1 pound dried pasta  equals 4 cups dry pasta
1 cup of dry pasta yields about 2 cups of cooked pasta
1 pound of dry pasta  yields about 8 cups of cooked pasta
2 ounces (1 cup) dry egg noodles  yields about 1 cup egg noodles cooked

Rice Conversions & Equivalents

How Much Rice Per Person?

Like pasta servings, this depends on if you are you serving it as a side dish or as the main dish with other ingredients added to it. It also depends on who you are serving it to. And then it depends on who you ask.

Many recipes I see call for about 1 cup of cooked rice per serving. Some dietitians as well as the USDA say this is too much and you should only eat 1/2 cup cooked rice per serving. I think that unless you are on a special diet, somewhere in the middle works fine.

In our house, since we are always using leftovers for the girls lunches, so we usually cook more than we are going to serve for dinner and portion out what “feels” right for each kid.

Rice Conversions & Equivalents

1 cup uncooked white rice yields 3 cups of cooked white rice
1 cup brown whole grain rice yields 4 cups of cooked rice
1 cup long grain rice yields 3 to 3 1/2 cups cooked rice
1 cup dry pre-cooked instant rice  yields 2 cups cooked rice
1 cup uncooked wild rice  yields 3 cups cooked wild rice
1/4 cup (90 grams) uncooked rice  serves 1 person
1 cup (360 grams) uncooked rice  serves 4 persons
1-1/2 cups (540 grams) uncooked rice serves 4 persons in my house


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  1. Kathryn Spark says:

    If 1/4 cup uncooked rice serves 1 person, wouldn’t 1 cup uncooked rice serve 4 people (not 2 cups serve 4 people)? Just asking! 🙂

  2. Lilly Gorman says:

    This is SO helpful! Thank you so much!

  3. Katrina Marshall says:

    Many thanks,I’m making a rice and bean (Costa Rica)dish and didn’t want to make as much as they were asking. Glad I saw this sight

  4. Karen says:

    I am making a rice dish which calls for 350g of rice….I guess it would be cooked, how many cups would that be

    • Karen, I would have to see the recipe before I could say if the rice is cooked or not but 1 cup of uncooked rice weighs around 175-185 grams so if the rice is uncooked, you are talking about 2 cups of rice. 1 cup of cooked rice weighs about 195-200 grams so you would need about 1.88 cups. Hope this helps.

  5. Florence says:

    This has been so helpful. Thanks!

  6. Sabrina says:

    Thank you for your conversions!! 💕

  7. Adele Farough says:

    Are there different conversions for short-grain (e.g. arborio) rice?

  8. baked georgia says:

    my local barilla package recommends a 80 grams portion. which is 2,82 oz.

    I must say a typical weekday dinner I ate around 3,5 oz really, when it’s the main dish.

  9. Sally says:

    Would one cup of uncooked quinoa yield the same amount as one cup of uncooked long grain white rice?

  10. Chantel says:

    Although this may be helpful for some people, this was completely useless for me. I asked a simple question and LITERALLY nobody on the internet can answer me! This is a conversation page, and its information for me is worthless. And it’s not this site alone.
    I just want to know how much of a certain thing is uncooked to cooked. It shouldn’t be this freaking hard. Never mind I’ll do it my damn self since nobody can help me. Your website is literally supposed to be about conversions, I figured you would be able to help. And I’m sorry you’re getting the brunt of this. I’m just so frustrated and your headline on Google made it appear as if you’d help. And after much searching im just going to have to waste food and time and figure it out myself.
    I hope you can help other people because none of this was helpful to me.

    • Hi Chantel, I almost deleted your comment for two reasons – one, I have no idea what you are asking for. “Certain thing is uncooked to cooked”. What certain thing? The charts show both rice and pasta conversions of uncooked to cooked. And two, I thought the way you asked for help was extremely rude. Sorry you are not getting what you want but I have no idea what that is.

  11. Tracy Sagona says:

    Thank you for all this info. I’m about to attempt cooking crawfish etouffee for 400 people for a church festival. My first question was answered here in how to figure out the rice conversions. Thank you so much.

    I think Chantel was just looking for a place to complain and found it here.

    Thank you again for the info.

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