Potato Masher for Perfect Mashed Potatoes

August 17, 2012 1 Comment

Potato Masher

How your spuds turn out has a lot to do with what you use to mash them!

Wire Potato Masher

This is the tool most of us are familiar with. I don’t think there’s a kitchen in America that doesn’t have one of these.

I love the wooden handle on this model. Not only does it look good, it is extremely functional and has made some really good mashed potatoes in it’s time.

Mashing potatoes is not always easy work so I highly recommend purchasing a durable masher that feels good in your hand. If you are given the task of mashing 10 pounds of potatoes on Thanksgiving for that family feast, you want something that’s not going to break apart in your hand.

Potato MasherStainless Steel Potato Masher

Another version of the potato masher is this stainless steel tool that has a strong handle for exerting downward pressure and a plate with little holes at the bottom for mashing. I have always found it difficult to use so it is my least favorite model but I have friends who swear by theirs.



Potato Ricer / Masher


Potato RicerMy favorite product is not new at all, but a tool that’s been around for quite some time. It is a ricer and I use it to make perfect mashed potatoes. I know what you’re thinking, “How tough is it to make mashed potatoes?” It’s not, but perfect mashed potatoes are another story.

This ricer, a giant “garlic press” -looking contraption, costs under ten bucks and should be in your arsenal of tools even if you use it just for potatoes. When smooshed in the press, the cooked potatoes look almost like potato noodles, but add a little milk and butter and stir them with a fork and you have perfect mashed. Try it and let me know what you think.


Electric Mixer

Electric Mixer for Mashing PotatoesThis is the tool I remember my mom using when I was growing up. I can see her in the kitchen whipping those potatoes into a frenzy, adding milk and butter, every once in a while the mixer slipping and the potatoes going everywhere.

The great thing about having an electric mixer besides using it for mashing potatoes, is its versatility. If you are into baking or making whip cream, an electric mixer is indispensable.

onlinesources: Potato Masher

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  1. tim plog says:

    I like the ricer too-and usually bake the potatoes and just cut them in half and squeeze the pulp right out of their skins-someone said more nutrition remains as compared with boiling i don’t know-more flavorful i think-Yukon Gold are faves with my family-
    Great website Gary-and condolences…..

    Thanks Tim. Appreciate the feedback too.

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