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Restaurant Quality Sauces – Techniques

May 24, 2019 0 Comments


Making Great Sauces at Home

How to Deglaze

Deglazing is to lift up the flavorful bits of food (fond) stuck to the bottoms of pans after sautéing. One difference between restaurant chefs and home cooks is that a home cook will look at a pan they just sauteed some mushrooms or some chicken in and say “that’s dirty,” and wash it.

The chef will look at the same pan and say, “That’s flavor,” and then incorporate it into a sauce. This is accomplished by deglazing.

To deglaze, simply add a small amount (one quarter to half a cup will do) flavorful liquid, such as stock, wine or even vinegar or fruit juice to a hot pan. The liquid will boil almost immediately.

Use a wooden spoon or wooden spatula to gently scrape up the fond and incorporate it into your sauce. You can either deglaze an empty pan or leave the food in the pan while you deglaze.



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