Vintage Food Commercials

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 Some of My Favorite Commercials From My Childhood

I was working on a new Pinterest board for Favorite Food Memories and started thinking about some of the foods I enjoyed as a kid and then some of the jingles associated with those foods. I grew up in the fifties and sixties when television was transitioning from black and white to color. Times were different back then and so were the commercials. I thought I would find commercials and jingles to some of my favorite foods along with some of my most memorable ads. Here are a few to start with.


June Lockhardt also marketed Franco-American products like this Macaroni with Cheese Sauce. Franco-American was part of Campbell Soup Company.



One of my favorite commercials usually came on Sunday nights when we were watching Disney or Bonanza and I loved the way that dog snapped his mouth shut!



Green Giant products were marketed all the time on the shows we watched as kids.



You may never have seen this 1965 commercial but I’m sure you’ve heard the jingle – “I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner”


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