Bermuda Pizza Recipe

June 20, 2008 1 Comment

Bermuda Pizza Recipe

My Friend Will Makes the Very Best Bermuda Pizza

We just returned from a wonderful visit to our friends Will, Linda and their two sons, Jonathan and Stephen on the island of Bermuda. It is one of those incredible places you just don’t want to leave especially when hanging out with friends like Will & Linda.

The food was amazing and we never once went out for dinner. Not only are Will and Linda fantastic cooks, Will is a 5th generation family member running Miles Market, Bermuda’s Famous World of Fine Food started in 1862. Will continuously surprised us with delicious local ingredients plus some of the finest products imported from Europe.

Like his father Harry before him, Will has continued to transform Miles Market into one of the premiere gourmet markets in the world. If you visit Bermuda and are looking for the best the island has to offer in food and wine, you must visit Miles Market on The Waterfront at Pitts Bay. It is a foodie’s paradise.

Making Pizza In Bermuda

If you have been following my blog, you have seen posts talking about our new outdoor wood-burning oven. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to cooking with logs in a very hot environment but thought I was getting pretty good at cooking pizza. After spending just one night with Will, who also recently build a wood-burning oven in his back yard, I realized I have a lot to learn.

The biggest difference was his technique to shape the pizza. He does the stretching and shaping all by hand where I was starting with a rolling pin and finishing by hand. I have read that either technique is OK, but Will explained the rolling pin compresses the gluten in the dough where stretching by hand pulls it apart. I’m not sure of the science of pizza dough (and I will do some more research and report back) but I have to admit his pizzas had thinner, crispier crusts and tasted much better than mine.

Although both Will and I usually prepare our own pizza dough, we have both taken shortcuts with our pizza making effort by buying the dough commercially. He sometimes gets it from a local pizza restaurant while I have purchased it from one of our local supermarkets. Yes, it is typically better to make it yourself but when making pizza for 20 to 30 people, it is sometimes easier to get some help.


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  1. Kim says:

    thanks for that I live in Bermuda and we make pizza all the time!!!

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