Camembert Cheese

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Camembert Cheese

About Camembert Cheese

Created somewhere around 1789 – 1791 by Marie Harel, a peasant woman and said to have been christened by Napoleon himself, this cow’s milk cheese (40 to 45% fat) is world renown. It comes from Normandy, France and is a great example of a rich, creamy cheese that when ripe is “as good as it gets”.

When this cheese was presented to Napoleon, he liked it so much he asked where it came from and hence the name, Camembert.

Camembert Le Châtelain retains most of the authentic flavors and qualities of the raw-milk cheese you can buy only in France and is gently pasteurized to make it available in the United States.

Camembert Cheese come from the Normandy region of France and is made from 100% cows milk. It has a bloomy rind and is aged 2 – 3 months. The taste is succulent, ripe, rich and creamy with a possible hint of apple. The texture is creamy and can have a runny interior with age.

11 centimeters in diameter and 3 to 4 centimeter’s thick, this smooth creamy cheese with a soft white rind should be served at room temperature when perfectly ripe. You’ll know it’s perfectly ripe when it oozes thickly, if it’s too runny, it is overripe in my opinion.

We sampled Chatelain Camembert that came in a wonderful little wooden box. The idea for a wooden box came around 1890 by a man named Ridel. Our Chatelain Camembert, almost ripe when we tasted it, was absolutely delicious but I am told it is even more wonderful when perfectly ripe. So be patient with your cheese.

Camembert goes great with light reds from the Loire Valley or Champagne. Great all by itself. I like to serve it before the meal with some other cheeses or really wow my guests by serving it with some fruit for dessert.

Where Can You Buy Camebert Cheese Online?

You most likely won’t find this cheese at your local supermarket but try a local cheese shop or gourmet store.


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