How a Catering Career Can Make You Big Money

August 19, 2011 1 Comment

Can You Make Money In Catering

Can You Make Money In a Catering Career?

Most people don’t go to culinary school because they’re after an easy fortune or instant fame. Professional cooking, with its long hours and often back-breaking work, is very much a labor of love, and people enter the field because they are passionate about food. Money usually comes second.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Although you aren’t likely to strike it rich right away, a career in catering can be a great way to enjoy your love of cooking while also making a decent wage and enjoying great benefits.

Why Choose Catering?

Catering companies can be part of private restaurant businesses, a hotel or hospitality company, or a package of wedding services. They can also be run out of a successful bakery, or even just as one guy working out of a van. And as is the case with traditional restaurant work, you’ll find everything from five-star cuisine to cheap and easy catering solutions for small parties.

The money in catering is good because it lacks a lot of the prestige of working in a restaurant—and because most catering companies doing the hiring are attached to large hotel chains or very successful restaurants that can afford to offer higher rates of pay.

Working in catering also requires a bit of flexibility on your part (you might have to work all weekends and evenings to cover weddings and private parties, or work every holiday in which brunch plays a role), so rates of pay are higher to make up for it.

Catering Salaries

The average salary for working in catering is $37,000 per year—well above the national average for entry-level cooks at around $22,000 per year. Although salaries will necessarily vary due to location, employer, industry, and other factors, most culinary professionals just starting out will encounter higher rates of pay here than they will in traditional restaurant jobs.

Of course, working in “catering” means quite a bit. You could just as easily be making omelets to order on a buffet line as you could be managing a catering staff of hundreds. You might be an executive chef planning menus or a hospitality manager who helps plan weddings and large events.

Depending on your level of responsibility, you could earn anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 per year. As is the case with any type of culinary career, your education and personal goals will influence this number, as well.


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