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How to Make Chicken Stock Video

With all the chicken stocks and broths on the market today, why learn how to make a good homemade chicken stock? Simple, chicken stock made at home in your own kitchen is going to be better than anything you can buy on the market and most likely have less salt and other chemicals added to many of the commercial brands.

It’s easy to do especially with a left over carcass from a roast chicken dinner. Whether you buy chicken pieces or use leftovers, this video shows provides step-by-step instructions for making a simple chicken stock. I’m trying to do more of my own cooking videos, but when I see one I really like on the Internet, I try to share it with you until I can make my own instructional video.

Where I don’t agree with Chef John is the amount of time he simmers his chicken stock. In the video, he recommends 12 hours and to me that is just too long. Of course it will depend on how much you’re making and as a professional chef, he probably made huge batches for a restaurant. Every chicken stock recipe you see will call for different times so experiment with your own stock and see what works best for you.

Chicken Stock Recipes Vary

If you look at 100 different cookbooks with chicken stock recipes in them, you’ll find 100 different ways to make this important cooking ingredient. I typically make my stock with just the bones, water and a little salt and pepper and use that as a base for other recipes. It’s easy to make while we’re cleaning up after dinner and watching a little baseball on the television.

If I have more time and want to prepare a more flavorful chicken stock with onions and carrots, I’ll start with my recipe at Chicken Stock- How to Make Homemade Chicken Stock. The video above offers another simple variation and the video is very well done.

No mater what recipe you use, I urge you to try to make your own stocks and broths at home for all your cooking needs.

Chicken Stock Recipe


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