Cost of Thanksgiving Meal 2015

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The Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner in 2015

The 2015 Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner Tops $50

Once again the cost of Thanksgiving dinner is going up but not by much and for different reasons. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s informal price survey of classic items for a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people is up about 70 cents from last year to $50.11.

Last year it was sweet potatoes, milk and coffee with the largest increases from the year before. This year one of the culprits for this cost increase is turkey, the centerpiece of most holiday meals. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the cost of a 16-pound turkey is up about $1.39 per turkey which is equivalent to about 9 cents per pound.

Other foods showing increases this year include “brown-n-serve rolls, cubed bread stuffing and pie shells.”  It turns out pumpkin production this fall was down because of wet weather.

Some food prices went down that were up last year including milk, coffee, butter, onions, eggs, sugar and flour. Because of these price declines, the overall price for this years Thanksgiving dinner, although up, stands at about $5.00 per person for a 10 person meal.

Why The Rise In Turkey Costs?

It turns out there was a bad outbreak of bird flu this year that wiped out 8 million turkeys. That sounds bad and it was but not as bad as the 40 million chickens that were killed from the same Avian influenza.

The good news is there will be no turkey shortages this Thanksgiving.  According to the National Turkey Federation, it is estimated about 46 million turkeys are consumed on Thanksgiving by Americans each year and they estimate farmers will turn out 228 million turkeys for the entire year.

What the decline in supply does mean is higher prices for turkeys, about 9 cents per pound as mentioned above. The good news is grocery stores are eating some of those increased costs just to get people into their stores to purchase all the other items they need to make a complete holiday meal.

Here Are the Numbers

Item 2014 Price 2015 Price Difference
Misc. ingredients 3.48 3.18 -.30
Sweet potatoes, 3 lbs. 3.56 3.57 +.01
Whipping cream, 1/2 pint 2.00 1.94 -.06
Milk, 1 gallon whole 3.76 3.25 -.51
Pumpkin pie mix, 30 oz. 3.12 3.20 +.08
1-pound relish tray (carrots and celery) .82 .79 -.03
Green peas, 1 lb. 1.55 1.52 -.03
Cubed stuffing, 14 oz. 2.54 2.61 +.07
16-pound turkey 21.65 23.04 +1.39
Fresh cranberries, 12 oz. 2.34 2.29 -.05
Pie shells (2) 2.42 2.47 +.05
Rolls, 12 2.17 2.25 +.08
TOTAL $49.51 $50.11 +.70




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