Thanksgiving Stuffing Waffle with Fried Egg

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thanksgiving stuffing waffle with fried egg

How to Make Waffles from Leftover Stuffing

This year we cooked way more food than everyone could eat so there were a lot of leftovers even after sending everyone home with a doggie bag. One of those leftovers was stuffing, some that was cooked with the turkey and some that was cooked separately in a casserole dish. Never want to run out of stuffing.

My wife was listening to NPR on the radio and heard of this idea to made waffles with leftover stuffing so we decided to give it a try. It worked, but we had to experiment a few times before we achieved what we wanted.

Pam or No Pam

We thought the stuffing would stick to our waffle maker so we gave the top and bottom a quick spray to prevent sticking. The first batch of stuffing was from the cooked turkey and we found it had enough oil in it and needed no extra lubricant. The results were not good. The waffle tasted fine, but it broke up into a bunch of pieces.

The next batch of stuffing was from the casserole dish. We figured after the first attempt we didn’t need any spray Pam but because it was drier than the stuffing from the turkey, it stuck to the top of the waffle maker.

Next we tried the stuffing from the casserole dish, the drier stuff, and sprayed just the top of waffle maker and had success. Mind you, it’s not going to be as perfect looking as making waffles with waffle mix but it was good enough.  And when served with a sunny side up fried egg, the results were spectacular in my humble opinion.

When we asked my daughter what she thought about the dish, she was not as impressed as I was and said, “It tastes like stuffing with a fried egg”.

There may be more creative ways to use up leftover Thanksgiving stuffing, but this one is fun if you are willing to experiment a little.

Thanksgiving Stuffing Waffles with Fried Egg

Thanksgiving Stuffing Waffles with Fried Egg


Leftover stuffing

Pam cooking spray (or some alternative brand)

1 fried egg - anyway you like it

Salt and Pepper, to taste

How To Prepare At Home

Heat up a waffle maker and add some stuffing to the bottom of the maker. Give the top of the waffle maker a quick spray to prevent sticking.

Push it down to spread it throughout the waffle maker surface. It's going to take a little more push than regular waffle mix.

Since the stuffing is already cooked, you are really just heating it up so you just have to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't burn.

While the stuffing is heating up, fry up an egg the way you like it.

Carefully and I mean carefully remove the waffle from the waffle maker. We found it to be very delicate and crumbly so take your time getting it out and on to a plate.

Top the waffle with the fried egg, season with salt and pepper and serve.

As I'm writing this, I'm thinking if you really want to indulge and add some extra calories, a couple pieces of bacon put on top of the waffle before adding the egg would be nice. I'm passing Dr I. - she's my cardiologist.

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