Perciatelli Pasta

January 14, 2007 20 Comments

Perciatelli Pasta

A Pasta That Looks Like A Straw

I thought I have heard about most types of pasta but this was a new one to me. I’m not even sure how it ended up in our pantry except I must of grabbed it when purchasing a bunch of what I thought were boxes of spaghetti.

We were serving the pasta as a side dish for something I was making and gave it to the girls with butter, peas and freshly grated Parmesan cheese for dinner.  When the girls started twirling in their mouths and sucking up the end of the strands, they noticed there was a whole running the length of the pasta.

When they told me the pasta had a hole in it, I played along and said, “Yeah right. Why don’t you use it like a straw and drink some of your milk?”

Sure enough they did so I checked it out myself and the pasta had a tiny hole running through the middle of it. The perciatelli noodle, pronounced “pear-chuh-TELL-lee” and sometimes called bucatini, looks just like spaghetti but only fatter and with a tiny hole.

Great for serving with hearty meat sauces like Bolognese because of thicker texture but also works well in classic Italian soups like minestrone. And I can say from experience, it is great with just butter and grated cheese although be prepared to watch your kids “play” with their food. You just may find yourself playing with it yourself.

How to Cook Pasta

Everyone knows how to cook pasta but there are a few hints and tips that will make your even better.
Check out my Pasta Tips page for some helpful hints. And for a listing of some of my favorite pasta recipes, check out my Pasta Recipes page.

Where to Buy It

More than likely you’re not going to find this pasta at your local supermarket but will have to look for it at a specially market or Italian grocer. I found my by accident so I can’t even tell you where I purchased it but I’m sure you can find it on line too. If you have a recipes that calls for perciatelli, you can try substituting linguini or fettuccine but what fun would that be.

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  1. Fatima Camiloza says:

    I’m going to get my hands on some of this pasta. It’ll surely surprise my diners.

  2. Faith says:

    I had this at an Italian Eatery, The Spaghetti Tree, in Mt. Pleasant Michigan years ago. They used as straws and had this pasta available for purchase. I bought it for my kids and they loved it.

  3. A Slavic pasta lover says:

    I ate perciatelli at the home of an Italian friend when I was a kid. It was delicious. I hope I can find some perciatelli in the little burgh I now call home. Thanks for taking this guy back to simpler times, and for giving a name to the spaghetti with the hole in it.

  4. Kim says:

    i bought some the other day and thought — this looks a lot like Bucatini! Turns out the are the same thing!!

    That’s right. Just different names for the same type of pasta. If you can’t find either of them for this recipe, you can substitute spaghetti or linguine. Thanks for posting. – RG

  5. Pat says:

    We use this pasta in a dish we call Macaroni Cake. It can be eaten warm and it is great cold. Has great ingredients in also. This is an Italian Dish.

    • Kim says:


      I was looking for a substitute for the perciatelli I can’t find to make macaroni cake. Everyone I told about it thought I was making up the name. Thank you for confirming my sanity albeit 4 years after your post!

  6. Mary says:

    My friend was telling me about this long spagetti with a whole that runs in the center of the pasta. She uses this pasta for her Mid West Macaroni & Cheese. I have never heard of this pasta and I enjoy a challenge. So went to various grocery stores in the Houston Area—Whole Foods on Kirby Avenue has the pasta by DeCecco it is called Perciatelli No. 15. I even checked out Rao’s Restaurant of NYC website and they did not carry this variety of pasta. Now that you have the manufacturer I am certain your grocery store manager will obtain it for you.

    Hi Mary, thanks for the info. There are many other brands out there,Rustichella comes to mind, who make Perciatelli but DeCecco is a good one. – RG

  7. Maureen says:

    My mother in law has been making this pasta forever. She cooks it with broccoli and tops it with Locatelli romano cheese and olive oil. My kids love it and still ask for “grandma’s broccoli-pasta”. Yum!

    Hi Maureen, thank you for your comments. Be sure to teach your kids how to make this when they are ready. – RG

  8. Linda says:

    I found Perciatelli by Severino @ Whole Foods last week. They had it displayed i a special basket of artisanal pastas near the cheese display, not in the pasta aisle. But what one Whole Foods carries, the next oe does not. Good luck and good eating ala Italiano.

  9. Dee Adams says:

    Must have picked it up thinking it was
    spaghetti . Had no idea what it was intil seeing your “blog”. I had heard about the pasta with a hole in it.

  10. Linda Van Horn says:

    I just had this pasta with a lemoncello, butter sauce. It was so good and so much fun. The flavor of the light sauce went through the hole in the pasta and yes, it was really fun to eat. I was sucking the end of a strand into my mouth when I realized there was a hole in it. It’s on my grocery list. I was told that it was available at Stater Bros.

  11. Karla says:

    Heard of Bucatini on Food Network. Spent the better part of a year looking for it in my Seattle neighborhood, to no avail. Today I spotted something I’d not seen before, and with a little inspection I found it had a hole. I bought it, gleefully, as an alternative to the elusive bucatini. Now that I’ve researched it, I learn it IS IN FACT bucatini, by it’s alternative name – perciatelli. I’m thrilled to finally have it, and can’t wait to make a great sauce to pair with it.

  12. Sweet Marie says:

    We were served the thick pasta, and very good sauce made in the cafeteria when in High School. Very fond memories.

  13. jeanne says:

    can I substitute trofie pasta as I can not locate perciatelli?

    I guess you could, but you can also substitute regular spaghetti pasta too and that’s easy to find. – RG

  14. Trish C says:

    My significant other tells the story if a restaurant he went to as a child. The drinking straws were pasta. I’m looking into bucatini, but need to know- is it safe to drink from? (I grew up being told “no raw pasta, no raw potatoes “… so I’m curious thanks so much in advance!

  15. Tammy Cracolici says:

    Perciatelli is a staple in our Italian home and believe it or not we get the Colavita brand in our local Price Rite store for only 99 cents! I buy it every time I’m in the store even if I don’t need it because I don’t want them to drop it!

    My mother-in-law taught me how to make a delicious hearty side dish or “primi” that everyone loves and that is easy and fast! While boiling the perciatelli, remove some of the hot water (I save about a cup) and set aside. When pasta is done “al dente” or “to the tooth” (NOT mushy!) drain, place back in pan and add about half a 32 ounce container of whole milk ricotta cheese. Add salt to taste and lots of fresh ground pepper, and to start, about half of the hot water. Mix well with a large fork and spoon, adding more water as needed so that the pasta looks “smooth.” If it dries out you can always add more hot water. This easy dish can be served as is or with marinara sauce- mangia!

  16. Teresa Denton says:

    I love this pasta! Living in a rural area it is impossible to find. I order it directly from Nutsdotcom.
    Bon Appetit.

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