How to Protect Your Cooking School Education

May 27, 2008

Protecting Your Cooking School Education

Protect Your Culinary School Education

Everyday I receive emails from high school students and young adults interested in getting into the food service industry asking if culinary school is right for them. I usually direct them to my Culinary School Career Center where there are articles, interviews with professional chefs, grant and scholarship information as well as a directory of schools by city and state.

Protecting Your Culinary Arts Education Investment

Most of the top culinary schools today are expensive. Even the two-year community college programs aren’t cheap so I urge you to read my new article called Protecting Your Culinary Arts Education Investment. It offers some basic areas you’ll want to consider before making a commitment to any culinary school program.

The article suggests you “consider your goals” and make sure the program you sign up for matches your career goals. It also reminds you to learn everything you can about a school and to “crunch the numbers”.

Don’t forget to “seek financial assistance.” The article shows where to look including my directory of culinary school grants and scholarships.

And lastly, read about “private school alternatives.” Yes, there are loads of great learning opportunities at state and community level schools.

According to the National Restaurant Association, there will be 945,000 locations serving more than 70 billion meal and snack occasions by 13.1 million employees in 2008. That is a lot of opportunity for anyone interested in getting into this industry. Just make sure you have everything you need to know to Protect your Culinary School Investment.






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