What is on a Restaurant Management Course List

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Restaurant Management Course List

Looking at a Restaurant Management School Course List

If you’re interested in entering the culinary field at the managerial level, you may want to consider a degree or program in restaurant management. This educational concentration, which is growing in popularity among hotels, restaurateurs, and catering companies, allows you to combine business training with culinary skills to make a real impact behind the scenes.

Although each school is necessarily different, much of the coursework you’ll encounter is the similar. Before selecting a restaurant management program for yourself, ask to see the school’s list of courses to ensure that you are getting the education you need to succeed in the field.

General Business Courses

General business courses are applicable at restaurants, hotels, and any other type of managerial setting. These courses will allow you to branch away from the culinary field if you choose to at a later date:

Career Development

Managerial Accounting

Global Management

Organizational Development

Human Resource Management

Business Planning and Marketing

Public Relations

Procedures and Manuals

Information Management Systems

Cost Control

Sustainable Purchasing

Culinary-Based Courses

You aren’t likely to encounter a heavy focus on cooking techniques and skills, but that doesn’t mean you can skip this side of the restaurant industry altogether. You can expect to learn:

Cooking and Food Preparation

History of Cuisine

Food Display and Buffet Techniques

Menu Creation

Food and Beverage Operations

Restaurant Growth and Development Courses

Part of being a successful restaurateur is being able to build a business from the ground up. You may take courses in:

Facilities Design

Restaurant Concepts and Creation

Restaurant Real Estate

Kitchen Design and Equipment

Hospitality Industry Courses

Other basic management courses that focus specifically on restaurants and the hospitality industry include:

Safety and Sanitation

Menu Management

Legal Issues and Ethics in Hospitality

Event Management

Hospitality Industry Trends

Tourism Management

Hotel Operations Management

Wine and Spirits Management

Casino Operations

Although most programs offer training at the Bachelor or Master’s degree level, you may be able to find diploma/certificate programs or build on an existing culinary degree with continuing education courses in restaurant management. Depending on your personal goals and interests, you can spend months or years developing skills in this field.


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