Saute Cooking Videos

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Saute Cooking Videos

How To Saute Cooking Video

One of the most important cooking techniques you can learn is how to saute properly.

Once you learn how to saute, you can prepare hundreds of recipes by substituting ingredients. For example, learn how to saute onions and your can saute most vegetables. Learn how to saute a piece of fish and you can substitute most types of fish. The same is true with chicken, beef, pork, duck and vegetables.

What Is Saute?

Saute is a high-heat, direct, conductive cooking method. It’s all about the intense, direct heat.

If you want to learn more about this very important cooking technique, how it is different from pan frying and some tips on how to saute most effectively, check out my How To Saute. I also wrote a description of How Hot Should You Heat Your Pan When Sauteing

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I’m a big fan of Cooking Videos and with these video demonstrations on saute I found online, you will get more than a basic understanding of what saute is all about. As much as you may get out of my written post on How To Saute, sometimes it’s easier to learn from watching someone else perform the technique.

Saying that, nothing is better than trying it yourself. These entertaining cooking lessons describe in detail what the technique is and how to achieve the best results at home. They are very user friendly and just fun to watch.

Here I’ve put together some cooking videos on How to Saute various foods.  Although we use the word “saute” interchangeably with the cooking term “pan fry”, they are not the same and I oftem call something a saute when it is really a pan fry.

Remember, you saute small pieces of meat and vegetables. If you are cooking a whole chicken breast, steak, or piece of fish, that’s pan frying, not sauteing.

How to Saute Chicken

How to Saute Onions

 How to Saute Mushrooms

 How to Saute Steak

How to Saute Cooking Technique

There is an ad at the beginning but you can Skip it after a few seconds but the video is a good one.


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    Your “How to saute onions” would be better if the pan was hot “first” then add the oil.

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