What I Had For Dinner Last Night

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What I Had For Dinner Last Night

What Did You Cook For Dinner Last Night?

I thought it would be interesting to ask my Facebook friends what they had for dinner last night and start by posting what I had for dinner the night before. I wanted to know if people who visit my site are:

  • Cooking at Home?
  • Going Out For Dinner?
  • Ordering Take Out?

Are we eating more chicken than beef? Fish or chicken? Vegetarian? What type of cuisine are you enjoying each night?  French? Italian? Indian? Asian?

Do you try new recipes from your favorite cookbooks and magazines or are you making the same six recipes week after week, month after month?

So I decided to start a new Facebook Group called “Reluctant Gourmet’s What I Had For Dinner” but it’s not just what my wife and I are preparing for our girls but I’m hoping lots of you join the group and share what you had for dinner last night.  And if you like to take photos of what you cook, post them too.


Why Join My New Facebook Group?

Great question. Mostly to see what other home cooks are preparing and get some incredible ideas for weekday dinners and weekend suppers.  Or it may be you just want to share some of your own every day meals with the group.

Like me, you may be interested in eating patterns. How often are people cooking at home versus how often they dine out or order in? How often do we all prepare meals from leftovers? New recipes or tried and true recipes?

It’s going to take a while before we get a big group participating but I’ll be posting my meals and some iPhone photos as often as possible. And there are already some home cooks already signed up but I invite you to come join this Facebook group and share What You Had For Dinner Last Night.




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