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10 Facts About Lobster You May Not Know

October 20, 2013 6 Comments

10 Lobster Facts

Everything You May or May Not Want to Know about Lobster

LOBSTERS are interesting creatures. Most of us think of them as an expensive dinner choice on special occasions but they weren’t always so popular with diners. They have been around a long time and can live a long time.

arrow What do they eat?

arrow Do they feel pain when cooked?

arrow What about those claws?

These are some of the facts you’ll learn about lobsters that you may not have known. Read on to learn more.

1. All Lobster Are Not The Same


When I think of lobster, I picture “clawed” lobster from cold water areas but there are clawless, warm water lobsters called spiny, langoustine or rock lobsters that look similar but are not really related.

According to National Geographic, “only a few of the hundreds of types of lobster are caught commercially. But those few species are some of the most heavily harvested creatures in the sea, and generate a multi-billion-dollar industry, with more than 200,000 tons  of annual global catch.”

Besides the best know American lobsters, here are just a few of the other types of lobster from around the world: European, Scampi, Crayfish, Rock Lobsters &Slipper Lobsters.



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  1. Ruth says:

    As stated in one of the lobster fun facts, they will eat almost anything they can get their claws on including other lobsters and even humans, if given the chances. So, don’t feel too guilty if you steam and eat a lobster every now and then.

  2. Francois andre says:

    I can’t believe my luck…lobsters too…
    Having spent MANY a year dealing with are my lobster facts..
    1.You don’t have to turn a lobster upside down to tell if it’s male or female.Look at it from above.Look at the width of the tail.The female has a much wider tail than the male,it almost looks like she’s wearing a skirt !If you place a male and female next to each other,and compare,the difference will be quite evident.
    2.You can hypnotize a lobster ! (It must have been a slow day at work).It’s a little difficult to explain,but bare with me…Pick up your lobster,hold both his (or her,see previous fact)claws in your left hand,and his body ,head pointing down,in your right,and gently lower him onto a solid,cold surface.Spread his claws a little,to the left and right,to form a ‘sort of’ tripod.Then gently stroke a finger down his carapace,towards the spike above his eyes a few times.
    VOILA !! HE SLEEPS.He can be left like this for AGES.
    Like I said,slow day at work.
    3.Smoked lobster eggs have,in the past,been used as a poor mans caviar
    4.The crushing power of a large (7 Kg plus) lobster has to be seen to be believed.It can put you in hospital.I’ve seen it happen.
    5.The accepted,and humane way to kill a lobster,before putting it in the pot,is to drive a skewer through the mouth and into the brain.
    That’s all,for now.Francois andre,ex-prof chef.bye-bye

  3. James says:

    “they don’t feel pain when immersed into hot water. I know there are some who disagree with this concept but I am not a scientist so I choose to believe it is true.”

    How incredibly ignorant.. You don’t need to be a scientist to understand science. How about this, I’m not a scientist so I choose to believe humans don’t feel pain, so I’m going to pop you into a boiling pot of water ok?

    • James, scientists have not concluded either way whether lobsters feel pain when put into boiling water but they do know humans humans feel pain when boiled so your analogy is just silly and your comment rude. I am not a scientist but if I were, I would have to choose one position over the other and since I do boil my lobster, I choose to believe they don’t feel any pain. If you can definitively show me facts showing they do feel pain when cooked in boiling water, I will stop boiling them and find another way to prepare them for cooking.

      According to Popular Science, lobster’s “brains aren’t much more complex than an insect’s. They only have a hundred thousand neurons, and no true centralized brain. They’ve got a set of ganglia (which is like a smaller, less organized brain made up of far fewer neurons) spread throughout their body. In terms of mental capacity, there’s a decent argument to be made that lobsters and crabs are just big bugs.”

      That being said, the same article in Popular Science – – suggests “The answer seems to be: to chill. Not you—the lobster you’re hoping to eat. Putting cold-blooded animals like crustaceans (or insects) into a freezer or in icy water numbs them, and they don’t seem to have pain receptors that react to cold (they do live at the bottom of the ocean, after all). Of course, they’ll heat up as you put them in boiling water, but the transition seems to be fast enough that it shortens the time they flail about. Whether it actually changes what they feel is still uncertain, given how little we know about lobster pain in the first place. It may just help you feel better about it. But at least you’re giving your dinner a better chance at a gentle demise.”

  4. Alexandra says:

    “I’m not a scientist, so I believe it is true”- well think again, and do some proper research. Cooking lobsters in hot water is infinitely cruel and barbaric. Scientists have proven a long time ago that they actually are very capable of feeling pain. If they are able to move away from ocean water areas that are just a few degrees to cold or too warm, imagine what they feel when being thrown in boiling water. The lack of a central nervous system does NOT imply the lack of capacity to feel pain. They also feel lonely, bored and depressed when they are awaiting their cruel deaths in tiny aquaria. They’re also starving, because restaurant owners refrain from giving them food, as that would require them to clean up their feces. Eating lobsters is IMMORAL.

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