Cooking Stocks at Home

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Cooking Stocks and Glaces

The Importance of Cooking Stocks & Stock Reductions

Why are stocks and stock reductions one of the first things students at cooking school learn how to prepare?

Anyone who wants to be a better home cook, I suggest you learn how to make simple stocks, broths and stock reductions.  Once you learn how to make them, then you’ll start learning how to cook with them.

They are vital for making soups, sauces, braises and more. Besides, they are fun to make and will help you with all your cooking technique skills.

Beef Stock – one of the first techniques culinary students learn to prepare is beef stock because it is used in so many dishes from soups to stews to sauces.

Chicken Stock – who doesn’t like a homemade chicken soup and it only gets better when you know how to make chicken stock. I use it in braising, for making sauces, risottos and just about anything else that requires adding a liquid base.

Brown Sauce & Demi Glace – one of these depending on who you speak with is one of the 5 Mother Sauces for making classic French sauces. Learn how to make these and you can really elevate your culinary skills.

What if I don’t want to make my own stocks and reductions?

If I had to choose from all the products on the market today that have improved my cooking ability and allowed me to make incredible gourmet sauces, it would be commercial stock, glaces and stock reductions now available.

I have been to many food shows over the years and seen lots of products but none have simplified my life more than these. If you have ever tried to make demi-glace or even veal stock, you will know how valuable this resource is.

This is not the powdered stuff you buy at the supermarket but the real thing. The same is true for their chicken stock and new seafood stock.

I use one of these products at least once a week but usually more. There was a time I made a big batch of chicken stock and stored it in the freezer for those times when a recipe called for a cup or two.

Problem was I had to really had to think ahead to be sure to defrost it and sometimes I only needed a cup and not a full quart. Besides, it took up so much room in my freezer, I didn’t have room for all the other stuff I purchased at Costco.

Now I just reach into the fridge, pull out my commercial stock reduction and measure out what I need and reconstitute it with hot water. Takes up a lot less room and these products have a year shelf life.

And when it comes to making a Demi-Glace, I don’t have two days to make it right. Now I have it in two minutes.

Where to Find Commercial Grade Demi Glace?

Demi Glace is now being sold by Amazon and if you are part of their Amazon Prime program, you can have it shipped FREE Two-Day Shipping. That’s a deal.




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