Danish Braised Pork Roast

July 23, 2012 6 Comments

Danish Braised Pork Roast

I Grew Up On This Braised Pork Recipe

My mom was from Denmark and  made this Danish dish for us on Sundays when I was growing up. I think it was called Svinekød med brun kål, but I’m not sure. I just remember how I hated the smell when the cabbage was cooking, but loved how it tasted when it was all done.

The cabbage which cooks with the pork slowly and develops an incredible flavor that will bring you back for seconds. It’s even better warmed up the next day.

Use a fattier inexpensive cut of pork with a bone that will not dry out while braising.

My mother used a Danish product called Kulør to brown the cabbage. This product is basically a caramelized sugar used as a browning agent. One brand name I’ve found is Kavli Soya kulør.

I’m not sure where you can get it but  I would try searching for it on the Internet or contacting any Scandinavian specialty store. It is just a brown food coloring so if all else fails, I guess you can try some Kitchen Bouquet as a substitute, but it’s not essential to the recipe, just adds some attractive color.

*Update* – I found the product my mom used. It’s called Kavli Kulør and can be found at Nordic House.

I served this with roasted potatoes, steamed asparagus, and apple sauce.

Danish Braised Pork Roast

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 2 hours

Total Time: 2 hours, 10 minutes

Yield: 6-8 servings

Danish Braised Pork Roast


2- 2 1/2 lb. pork roast with bone

1 oz. butter (1/4 stick)

1 head of green cabbage, sliced

4 cups water

2 tablespoons sugar

Salt & Pepper

1 -2 teaspoons of Kulør (if you can find it. I guess you could substitute Kitchen Bouquet, too)

How To Prepare At Home

Slice the cabbage and you are ready to go.

In a 6 quart soup or stock pot with a heavy bottom, brown the pork roast in the butter over medium high heat. Make sure to brown all sides including the ends.

Reduce the heat to medium-low, add cabbage, water, sugar, season with salt & pepper, cover and braise for about 1 1/2 hours until the meat reaches an internal temperature of approximately 150ºF - 165ºF.

Remove the pork and let it sit on a cutting board for a couple of minutes before slicing. Meanwhile, stir a teaspoon of Coulor (if you have it) to the cabbage.

Plate the cabbage, top with a few slices of pork, add your side dishes and serve.

This is an incredible meal that really brings me back to my childhood. It also makes great left overs the next day.

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  1. Charlie says:

    What is being used as the braising liquid? Stock, water, milk?

    • Hi Charlie, I have not made this dish in years but will since you reminded me of it. I don’t think I used any liquid because the cabbage has so much water in it. If I were to add liquid, either chicken or veggie stock would be fine. I will make it soon without liquid and see if it needs it during the cooking process. If it does, I’ll add a little chicken stock. – RG

    • georgiegirl says:

      Very easy to make….pork chops or pork roast, 2 heads of cabbage and just a tad bit of water (cabbage makes it’s own liquid while cooking). It’s been a long time since I’ve cooked it, but think it takes several hours. Mom fixed it all the time, and the only other thing we ate with it was mashed potatoes and butter and a good amount of mustard on the plate to dip meat and cabbage in while eating. It does smell terrible while cooking, but well worth it.
      My grandfather could not handle the smell, so my grandmother would wait for his two week reserve duty, to make it, and give the house the chance to ‘air out’…..but he always knew that she had cooked it!!! lol (it’s definitely not a dish you want to cook if you live in an apartment)

  2. Jette says:

    We are having a North Easter here in New England tomorrow. So I stocked up on food, batteries and candles.
    Regarding the food part, I am planning on making Brunkål in my slow cooker. I usually buy pig hogs for it. They have just the right amount of fat and gelatin to make this dish outstanding. But couldn’t find them anywhere, so it will be pork chops with bones. You do need the bones to get the taste right. It is an easy dish to make and serve. It will take care of itself, while we are out there to shovel and clean our driveway (expecting 12 – 14 inches). I serve it with potatoes. I put them right in the slow cooker with the rest of it. NO liquid required. The cabbage have enough. You will even find a lovely soupy liquid, you don’t want to miss. And do not – I say DO NOT – forget the pickled beets.

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