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September 21, 2012 0 Comments

Video Guide to Measuring Liquid & Dry Ingredients

Did you know there are right ways and wrong ways to measure out ingredients. I have just about every type of measuring tool available but after viewing Peter Hertzmann’s video, Measuring Up in the Kitchen below, I now realize that not only do I often use the wrong tool for measuring but my technique is flawed too.

In this short but detailed video, Peter shows us the proper use of measuring tools along with some great alternatives. He talks about:

  • How to Correctly Use a Measuring Spoon and Measuring Cup
  • What Tools Work Best for Measuring Different Ingredients
  • The Difference Between Measuring Dry Ingredients vs Liquid Ingredients
  • How to Measure A Cup of Lettuce or Not
  • How to Use a Scale to Measure Dry Ingredients
  • How Accurate Are Instant Thermometers

Lot’s of today’s recipes call for accurate measuring of ingredients especially when you are baking but many home cooks use their measuring utensils incorrectly or not at all.

As Peter Hertzmann says in his video, “if you measure ingredients accurately you’ll be more likely to produce consistent results in your kitchen and over time you will find that a habit of accurate measuring will also help you be more accurate when you estimate measurements.”

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