How To Carve A Turkey Video

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How To Carve A Turkey Video

How to Carve a Turkey

Watch This Informative Video on How to Care a Turkey

I have been asked in emails about carving a turkey. Great question but difficult to answer with words.

I guess I could discuss which turkey parts to start with and how to find the leg joint connected to the body and whether to slice the breast meat or cut off the entire breast and slice but I think it will be a lot easier to show you.

I have found this video demonstrating a professional chef carving a turkey. There may be some some subtle differences in technique compared to how you were taught, but I think you’ll get a lot of tips from this video.

Watch these videos a few times and you’ll have the knowledge you need to stand up there and carve your turkey with confidence.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and may all your turkey be moist and delicious. – RG




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