What To Eat After You Have A Tooth Pulled

January 26, 2013 68 Comments

What To Eat After You Have A Tooth Pulled

On Thursday I had to have a cracked, back tooth extracted. #18 to be precise. I knew it was going to be difficult to eat for a few days because of the swelling and soreness from having someone in there with dental pliers yanking a piece of me out and leaving a gapping hole.

So I went to my friends on Facebook and asked for some ideas for soft foods I could enjoy with a sore mouth. There were the usual responses you would expect like jello and tapioca pudding but there were also a lot more fantastic culinary delights I wanted to share.

I was also very surprised but the number of people who responded who have recently experienced a pulled tooth. Some were like mine for a broken tooth, others had wisdom teeth removed but it proved to me again, we are not in this alone. Hopefully, when some other tooth missing person with a swollen jaw is search for food ideas, this post will give them some suggestions to try.

Disclamer: I am not a doctor, dentist or nutritional expert and I’m guessing neither are many of my Facebook friends who offered up these suggestions so I advise you to speak with your dentist or oral surgeon for a list of what you can and cannot eat after a tooth extraction.

#1 Suggestion – Don’t suck through a straw! Besides everyone who mentioned this on Facebook, my doctor’s post surgery pamphlet mentioned this too. Turns out the suction will disrupt the clotting going on in the socket left by the missing tooth and won’t heal properly.

Here some of the suggestions in alphabetical order. Many of them like yogurt and mashed potatoes were mentioned more frequently than others but I thought it would be easier just alphabetize them.

I’m sure there are lots more foods you can eat after you’ve had a tooth pulled but this is a good list to start with but be sure to check with your doctor first.

And thanks Facebook Friends for all the great suggestions.

anything you can blend
apple sauce
baked beans
blended spaghetti and meatballs
butternut squash casserole
canned noodle soups
carnation breakfast drinks
cheesy polenta
chocolate pudding
cream of broccoli soup
creamed spinach
Dal khicdi (Indian food)
eggs omelets
eggs over easy
eggs poached
eggs scrambled
eggs sunny side up
garlicky potato soup
ice cream
ice cream
macaroni and cheese
mashed potatoes
mashed potatoes with lots of butter because I deserve it
mashed squash
mashed taters
no sesame seeds
nothing with lumps
pastina with butter, salt & pepper
poached chicken soup broth with vegetables
potato soup
protein shakes
pureed anything
pureed beans and rice
pureed lentils
pureed vegetable soups
pureed vegetables
soft toast
tapioca pudding
top ramen
vegetable soup

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  1. susan says:

    How funny — and helpful, hopefully not any time soon.
    Hope all is well in Phillie!

  2. kelliinkc says:

    Great list! Interesting to see what people recommend as sometimes you tend to get in a rut with the same foods and methods of preparation……This would also be great for those kids who get braces on. My 13 year old daughter cried herself to sleep the first night she had them on. Because they also put on bite guards she has only two teeth on one side that actually meet so she can’t really chew. She needs foods she can mush against the roof of her mouth–at least that is what she told me! Also, she is not supposed to eat any meat for 8 weeks……we have not abided by that. I have fixed ground meat/sausage and cooked it until it was very fine pieces. Had to do something as she is such a picky eater.

  3. amy says:

    This is so helpful, just had my tooth pulled a few hours ago… I was at the dentist practically all day so I am starving but craving ice cream

  4. Sandy says:

    thank you. I am having a wisdom tooth and a broken molar removed in one session, in a couple of weeks time, so this is handy!!!

  5. elizabeth says:

    cheese and potato pie

  6. Erin says:

    Have literally been home an hour and starving. Straightforward extraction, only took a few minutes. But due to work commitments I need to do my best to make sure it heals without complications so this list is a big help. Thanks for sharing! x

  7. Lucy says:

    I have just had 2 top teeth out on either side what foods would you recommend that I eat considering i have just had them both out today .

  8. Allyssa says:

    I just had two of my top teeth out yesterday. I went to sleep with the freezing still in, now I’m very sore. So this is very helpful! Thanks!

  9. Truc says:

    I got 4 teeth extracted yesterday! So this very helpful!

  10. levonsei says:

    is this only 4-7 hours after it was pulled? How long is the wait?

    You should do what your dentist or oral surgeon tells you to do. These are just ideas from some of my Facebook friends. You want to ask your dentist all the what and whens. – RG

  11. Ihu says:

    This is amazingly helpful! Had a tooth extracted a couple of days ago and it’s very refreshing to find a list of suggestions online that isn’t just soup and mashed potatoes.. my stomach is very grateful! :)

  12. Tanya says:

    Thank you I am so happy because I just had my tooth pulled

  13. Amanda says:

    Thank you- this is very helpful as I had an extraction 2 hours ago! Another good addition is soft pretzels. A box of 6 SuperPretzels is about $2.50 at WalMart, & you pop in microwave for 30 seconds & theyre warm & soft! Thx again

  14. robin says:

    what about brown rice cooked in a lot of broth

    • Pam says:

      I wouldn’t recommend rice just yet. You don’t really want anything small like rice or sesame seeds getting caught in the socket as it may be very painful and set you up for an infection.

  15. Karen says:

    Hmm, my French dentist (I live in France) advised me to use a straw, after my extraction today…I know, everyone in the world (outside of France) says it’s a no no…

    I’m home, and starving, since nerves wouldn’t let me eat before the deed.

    So, I’m having mashed potatoes with the gravy from last night’s veal stew…
    …washed down with a cheap and cheerful Bergerac blanc (another no no…but, hey, I’m in shock! lol!)

  16. rob says:

    i just had 4 teeth pulled today and still am concerned thhat food will get stuck in the wholes.

  17. just me says:

    I chuckled at the ice cream, followed by ice cream entry. had a recent extraction and getting tired of pureed bean soup, so looking for new ideas. Thanks for the day brighteners in your great list.

  18. Jess says:

    Just had my tooth pulled my first one and my last….Thanks for the shopping list. on my way to the grocery store!!

  19. Tarshay says:

    Great Great Great advice I went straight to the
    Super Market and this list was very helpful….smiling
    From ear to ear cause this whole situation was traumatizing

  20. Stephanie says:

    Thank You so very much! My neighbor (who lives alone, I think) got home a couple of hours ago and was in a tremendous amount of pain. I wanted to do something to help her out in someway. So ypur list gave me the perfect idea… I’ll take her something from the list and then I am going to print out the list so she can use it for the next couple of days! This is the perfect Christmas gift!

  21. Nicola says:

    Had a wisdom tooth out today and came across this list. Thought it worth sharing a couple of things they specifically said I should NOT eat were rice, and for today only, no hot drinks or soup etc – all mentioned above!

    Also one of the comments above mentions drinking wine… the leaflet I was given to take away mentions no alcohol on the day of extraction.

    Baked beans and omelets are suggested above, both of which I’d normally have with toast – is toast/bread ok?

    • The Reluctant Gourmet says:

      Hi Nicola, I would think toast may be a little difficult because of the firmness. Not sure about bread so be sure to ask your dentist.

  22. Monica says:

    Wow, I’m starving but actually in a lot of pain too so the list of food is nice to know but I wonder which foods are the most comforting or soothing at this point…ice cream sounds too cold!

    • Pam says:

      The cold ice cream will help to alleviate swelling around the site, thus reducing pain. Eat ice cream if your nerves tolerate it. Nothing hot for the first day as you can burn your mouth without realizing, due to the local anaesthetic and numbness.

  23. Burj says:

    Nice post! Mine was a “Simple Extraction” of the top left wisdom tooth. I was out of the chair in just 10 minutes. Not a lot of bleeding. Looking forward to having some soup and noodles! Hope this goes through without complications.

  24. Carol Misener says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not alone. In two days I have to have a front tooth pulled and I’m not looking forward to it. It’s nice to know that I have so many “online friends” to help me get through it. I had a molar pulled years ago and it was horrible, I hope this time it’s not as bad. My neighbor told me that I would have to eat soft foods for a week, I hope it won’t take that long to get over it. I remember the, no straw, orders from the dentist. Another agony I remember from the first time was that I got “dry socket” which wasn’t enjoyable at all, in fact, it was absolutely horrible and the remedy tasted absolutely and totally awful. Again, thanks for the help and the day gets nearer.

    • The Reluctant Gourmet says:

      So sorry to hear about your bad times with past experiences. I remember when I had a couple of wisdom teeth pulled. I thought I remember the dentist having his feet on the chair trying to yank one of them out but I think it was the gas that gave me that memory. I just remember he had a lot of difficulty getting that tooth out. Next week I go in for an implanted post. I don’t think it is the same as getting a tooth pulled but I know my jaw will be sore for a few days. good luck with your extraction Carol.

  25. Candy says:

    I just had 3 teeth on the bottom pulled yesterday. All at the back..a wisdom tooth and the 2 right beside it.
    Ive been taking T3s,advil and my antibiotics for the pain & swelling.
    DO NOT DRINK FROM A STRAW!! Anything that you have to suck with DONT it will cause the blood clot in the tooth to come out and then you can get Dry Socket…

    You can eat warm soup, pudding, jello within 4-6hrs after extraction and then after that foods that are soft & kind of mushy for at least 3-5 days….

  26. Candy says:

    Milkshakes are good too and the Ensure drinks too

  27. jcjc says:

    Having yet another:( tooth pulled tomorrow… I am planning my food shopping and so I wound up here. I just read read the above comments and now because of my personal experience I feel the need to post this: DO NOT EAT RICEOR ANYTHING WITH ANY KIND OF SEEDS!!!! If a piece of rice or a seed gets caught in fresh wound( 3-4 days) you’re screwed!!!

  28. Liz Drum says:

    Happy to have found this list today. Today I had a back molar pulled and all I could think of was the normal boring pudding, eggs, soup, ice cream. There are some good ideas here that I’ll be shopping for and trying tomorrow. Definitely going to make the butternut squash casserole and the mashed potatoes with lots of butter because I do deserve it! One thing I ate today was some left over country milk gravy over some plain old soft white bread. I think that’a a southern thing but was perfectly soft and yummy.

    • The Reluctant Gourmet says:

      Hey Liz, thanks for sharing your “southern” treat. Pulled teeth are no fun. I just had an implant put in where the molar was pulled. Not quite as bad but still no fun. Feel better.

  29. Meg says:

    I know its been a year since this was published but I just had a tooth pulled (more in the future to come) and was looking for a list of foods I could eat during recovery. I noticed you had somethings repeated but that’s minor, what really concerned me was that you are NOT supposed to eat anything grainy like rice or oatmeal or grits as they can become lodged in the surgical site. Also you can have yogurts, jell-o and pasta. Hope this helps!

  30. Frustrated says:

    I had a fractured tooth pulled today at about 9:00a.m. It was hard for the dentist to pull my fractured tooth because the tooth had pushed deeper into my gum due to me not having a crown from a prior root canal. Anyway after bleeding for hours I packed my gum with a tea bag and that helped the bleeding. I ate a can of chicken soup and one cup of herbal peach tea and I’m ok. It is hard to take prescription pain meds on an empty stomach.

  31. Viviana Armadillo says:

    I just saw this today. I was wondering foods are allowed to be consumed. I just my first extraction today. Im finding the gauze irritating as im eating. but thank you for posting this.

  32. kendra says:

    Thank you for this!! I am pregnant and had to have a tooth extraction today and this is so helpful!! I need as many options as possible to due to nutrients and this is awesome! My extraction was super quick and I’m not experiencing any pain which is good. They told me soft foods and just nothing super hot because the blood clot but warm soup is OK.. No hamburger or rice or anything grainy because it can get lodged inside. I’m sticking to everything because I dont want to end back up at the dentist lol. Thanks again!!

  33. Ryan says:

    Thanks for this list, would not have thought of eggs, I ate fish last night but noticed I had a piece stuck in the whole so fish is not such a good idea.

    3rd molar lower left. Nasty Nasty piece of work that one. ended up in hospital begging for morphine after the injections wore off! Gosh I miss food :(

  34. Kaycie says:

    I had three teeth removed on one side of my mouth a few weeks ago, and the absolute best thing I got to eat was tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. You can dip the grilled cheese in the soup, which turns it all mooshy, and after that its very easy to eat and didn’t bother my mouth at all.

    I’m not a dentist, so maybe the bread was a no-no, but it worked for me.

  35. Michelle says:

    Pancakes are another good idea. I also have been eating McDonald’s mcgriddles they don’t hurt at all its really soft.

  36. Diana says:

    Thanks for the list of acceptable foods on your post. A very few will help me as I have Celiac Disease and lactose intolerance so I can’t tolerate many of the items because they contain wheat or dairy. It’s this stupid disease that caused the decline of my tooth in the first place! Wretched situation!! But it did give me a smile and that is what I’m lacking as my extraction looms nearer. THANKS!

  37. Jason b says:

    I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed and a cracked tooth grafted 2 years ago and just today had a root canal and 2 teeth extracted and graft today for a bridge to be put in. Make sure of a couple of things.

    lukewarm soft foods. Nothing greasy for at least 3 days. (It took me 5 days just to be able to open my mouth so I could shove a burger in it after my wisdom teeth got surgically removed). Mashed Potatoes are ok, Ramen ok but it’s nasty puree. Ice Cream and some yogurt is ok but nothing with any seeds that can get into the holes from the extraction and stiches. So if you get a smoothie you need to make sure no seeds are in it. Scrambled eggs are ok, lukewarm soup. Clearly you can get a shake but no straw. Even pasta is ok lukewarm. So mac and cheese is a lifesaver. Oranges and bananas should be fine. Eggs and pancakes should be ok as well.

  38. Brian says:

    This is a great starter list for anyone interested in what they can eat. Had a pre-molar pulled yesterday in what should have been an easy extraction, however, it took 2 hours to pull. They had to cut my gum open to get access to my tooth. However, even with all this I have no pain and will be eating soft foods until tomorrow.

    The key is not to use a straw until healed. Reason is the suction created can pull out the stitches or blood clot or worse cause a dry socket. This is the second extraction I have had and the first taking just as long.

    The affected area will be really sensitive to heat and cold so avoid contact with these foods until swelling goes down or sensitivity decreases. The first extraction I had mildly hot soup which was fine until it hit the area. I stopped eating immediately.

    I would recommend staying away from rice since I got rice stuck in the socket during my first extraction and had to use salt water to swish around until it came out.

    As far as toast, I would recommend against it only because of the course texture it has. If you chew away from the affected area you may be safe, however, if the affected side is your normal side you chew on, you will be surprised how often food will shift to that side out of habit.

    As for me, mashed potatoes and pudding was on my list yesterday with cream of wheat this morning for breakfast.

    After eating, make sure you gently rinse with salt water or an approved mouth wash given by your dentist to prevent infection or other issues that will prevent the healing process. My dentist said not to use Listerine during this time frame.

    I am in no way or capacity involved with a dentist office or work in that profession. My sister worked for one for many years as an office manager and has given my these tips. These are just opinions offered as advice, however, all information should be verified through a trained medical professional.

    I wish everyone, who has recently had a dental procedure completed, a safe and quick recovery and remember you will be back to eating normal foods again in no time.

  39. chidozie says:

    Thanks for the list it has been a real source of help. I just got a molar extracted few hours from now. I would utilise the list and hopefully this “challenging times” will be a thing of the past.

  40. Gul Dean (Fiji) says:

    Bula from Fiji. I had been trying to access this post since Fri as it is Sunday here today. Anyway I had a tooth extracted only to make way for a molar. Was very painful for days. Now after extraction I still hve a slight throbbing pain that is a bit irritating & I still feel numb on the right side of my face. Thank you very much for this extensive list that includes “fun” foods as well. We don’t have some of the ingredients here in the Islands but we have abundance of soft coconut, ripe bananas & pawpaws (Papayas). Nice soft buttered buns & vegetable & noodle soups. I have already tried mashed potatoes with milk & butter. Nothing beats chilled coconut water. Thanks once for taking the time to share these wonderful ideas & do get plenty of rest.

  41. Thejas Shet says:

    I just got 2 of my molars removed on the right , past 2 days ago , I’m unable to open my mouth , I’m strictly on fluids , and following the list mentioned above , but my Que is how long will it take for this pain to subside , and how long to get these stitches removed ?

  42. john barrett says:

    I have just had 4 extractions . 2 back upper left and 2 lower left..
    I so cautious not to eat anything for 48 hours .. How do y’all do it?? I was told infections will happen if I eat before the 48 hours is up .
    I may be off to the dollar store for pudding and chocolate milk ,, Is that safe.
    Thanks again
    john barrett
    Philly Fishtown

  43. Sammi says:

    Hi there, I just had 9 teeth extracted 3 days ago, 5 wisdom(i had an extra tooth upper left.) and 4 molars 1 top and bottom on both sides. I hardly ate anything for the first 24hrs and am now starting to get a good appetite back. I’m eating yoghurt, ice-cream and jelly (I find these help with the swelling and numb the pain) Mashed potato and gravy and warm/cold custard. I was eating soup but got over that very fast so thanks for the new ideas… i believe i will be on soft foods for some time still. Sammi

  44. Molly says:

    Thank you all for such great advice it was all Very helpful. I just had a full upper and lower
    Tooth extraction about a week ago and have been Looking for someone to talk to about either the healing process of the next six months or anyone who has or Is getting dentures as well as anyone who is getting Or has already gotten implants for their dentures My father just passed away from pancreatic Cancer about 6 months ago and he was my main Support system and I was looking for someone who maybe able to give me some knowledge as to what to expect or any kind of advice etc is much appreciated … Well wishes or anything in between is greatly appreciated thank you all

    • Jo says:

      I’m sorry for your loss. Dental extractions are not easy. I had lower back molar extracted yesterday. I can definitely say NO hot or warm anything for the first day. My post extraction instruction said: NO use of straw over 24 hours to prevent dislodging the clot and have to deal with complications including a dry socket which I hear is very painful. A soft diet was recommended for the next few days. I would definitely avoid smoothies with seeds found in berries. On day 2 I had a butternut squash souffle which I found at Target. Mashed sweet potato, garlic mashed potatoes, oatmeal, fruit smoothie blended with yogurt or almond milk if you are lactose intolerant. I was told by my dentist that I could have eggs, pasta after 24 hours. I also made very soft garlic toast.
      Hope this helps.

  45. Cody says:

    Just had a wisdom tooth removed and I’m a huge worry wart about everything.

    I ended up mixing instant garlic mashed potatoes with chicken broth. It looks like baby food but tastes amazing.

  46. stew says:

    just had 5 bottom front teeth out two days still feeling sh-t…they were straight followed what dentist..but just don’t know what to eat..been dunking biscuits that’s about all..what savory things can i have that’s substantial

  47. Jonathan J says:

    This was such a useful post. I just had my top left wisdom tooth removed this morning and after waking back up I was STARVING!!! I was able to drink some chicken broth,but seriously did nothing to curb my hunger. I found this post and immediately went to the market to pick up some odds and ends. Fantastic suggestions. I would like to add, “butternut squash bisque” to the list. It looks just like tomato soup but 1000 times more flavor. I’m making the garlic mashed potatoes to take to work with me for lunch and they smell amazing.

    Thanks for this post everyone, def made my miserable day a lot better.

    Now what to do about this giant hole in my face….lol

  48. Angela says:

    Thanks for the information. I just had the last tooth on the bottom right extracted. I’m hungry but don’t want to cause further damage to my gum. I guess I’ll have a bowl of cream of wheat to start with.

  49. Jen says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for all the suggestions. I haven’t eaten anything at all all day and am STARVING!!!
    Worst thing is the pain meds they gave me don’t help and I have hiccups from the devil that make my head want to explode everything. I got my first premolar #4 removed today and I guess from swallowing all that blood is that I have the hiccups and a headache and the pain hadn’t gone away and am STARVING!
    Just sent my husband to the store.

  50. Me says:

    Just had one of my teeth extracted 2 hrs ago. Due to a huge abcess I have not eaten since yesterday morning. I am now very hungry, when should I have something soft to eat?

  51. Wynn says:

    Hi I just got five teeth removed, three upper and two lower. This is great for me!! Can’t wait to make mashed potatoes. Thanks :-)

  52. stacy says:

    #18 taken out today. i swear that tooth did NOT want to come out ok?!

    i just made a bowl of instant mashed with a container of PAPA JOHN’S garlic butter, LAWRY’S season salt and cheese….oh, plus i put a squirt of ceasar salad dressing on it since i didn’t have any sour cream.

    i’m eating this with the gauze in my mouth hoping that’s giving me a little protection.

    i will be going to the store tomorrow for some yams and eggs and soups. best case scenario, i could drop a little weight.

  53. Lakeisha says:

    I had another tooth pulled today and I didn’t want to starve myself like I did the last time (I ate only mash potatoes and it got boring really quick) this list is great because I need some new ideas

  54. Krissy says:

    Just had two erupted wisdom teeth pulled. First extractions ever and boy was I stressing! Other than some pinching from the shots it wasn’t so bad.

    Now my mission is to recover, as painlessly as possible (I hope) without getting dry socket. This list is very helpful bit my dentist recommends cold foods only for the remainder of today. Warm foods should be reserved for the day after extraction.

    I am ver hungry though and can’t wait to enjoy some foods on this list. Thanks so much for posting it!

  55. Megan says:

    Thanks for posting this list! I just had a far back left molar extracted a couple of hours ago and I was wondering what to eat. I suppose I’ll start with some warm custard (my favorite!) and mashed potatoes later. Thanks again!!

  56. leanna johnson says:

    This helps out alot because I was so stuck on what to feed my boyfriend who had just had two teeth pulled yesterday. Still not too sure what to really feed him on the second day of recovery but he’s stubborn and still tries to eat foods like pizza rolls and drink hot tea. He works everyday too and I want to be able to pack him lunches. Any suggestions?

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