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May 7, 2016 3 Comments


One of the reasons I started The Reluctant Gourmet website over 20 years ago was to teach myself how to cook. One of the problems I faced as a newbie cook was culinary terms.

There were so many of them I didn’t understand and needed to learn to even begin my culinary adventure.  Mis en place, bain-marie, au poivre, bard…. see what I mean?

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Do You Want To See More of These Types of Culinary Quiz’s?

If you enjoyed this quiz and would like to see more of them on different culinary subjects, let me know in your social media comments or in the comments section at the end of the page. And please be sure to share the quiz with all of your friends and family.


This One Was Too Easy For Some Home Cooks

If you thought this quiz was to easy, see how you do with my How Well Do You Know Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs quiz. It’s a tough one!






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  1. Julie Dixon says:

    Loved it! More, please!!

  2. Heather Soper says:

    Yes please!

  3. Leslie Landry says:

    Had to think on a couple,chose wrong, love the education,even older cooKS can spoil the broth!☺
    Thanks for the mind jog.
    More please !

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