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How Not to Cook - Common Cooking Mistakes

How Not To Cook – Common Cooking Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

A while back I started writing a cookbook, How NOT to Cook – Common Cooking Mistakes & How to Avoid Them. I wrote about a dozen chapters on mistakes I’ve made over the years and how I ultimately learned the right way to cook.

Then I sat on the idea for over five years thinking I’d get around to finishing it soon but never did. The chapters were there but life has a funny way of pointing us in different directions, especially when you have a couple of busy teenage daughters.

So now I decided instead of trying to publish a cookbook, I would share my ideas here on my website. I’m hoping to get these frequent cooking mistakes along with their fixes in front of a lot more people here on my site than trying to get you to purchase a cookbook. Plus, I know you’ll have your own cooking mistakes that you’ll share with me so I can continue to add more “chapters” down the road.

What To Expect

Over the next few months, I’ll start posting new chapters under a new category I’ll call Cooking Mistakes. You’ll be able to find it under Techniques on the menu above. Some of the chapters like How NOT to Cook with Water are long, so I’ll break them up to a few posts. If you like what you’re reading, I’ll come up with new chapter ideas and get back to writing.

My very first post will be How NOT to Cook Pasta and is one of my favorites which is why I’m starting with it. It will have 10 common mistakes we make when preparing pasta and how I would avoid them.

After that, here are a few of the other topics you’ll be reading about:

arrow How NOT to Cook Pasta

arrow How NOT to Cook with Water

arrow How NOT to Grill

arrow How NOT to Saute

arrow How NOT to Roast

arrow How NOT to Pan Roast

 arrow How NOT to Braise

arrow How NOT to Boil Foods

arrow How NOT to Start a Recipe

arrow How NOT to Bake

I’m looking forward to sharing this with you and hope to have some fun with future How Not To Cooks. Please let your friends know about these posts via your social media. I appreciate the help getting the word out.

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  1. Janice says:

    This sounds GREAT!! I look forward to it!!

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