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Start Your Culinary Education in West Boylston, Massachusetts

Formerly known as the Salter School, Salter College in West Boylston, Massachusetts is now a full-fledged educational institution. Located only minutes from Worcester, the programs at Salter College are designed to provide intensive skills training to place students in the best possible position for post-graduation employment.

There are many questions you must be asking yourself about going to culinary arts school. How much is it going to cost? Is financial aid available? How long does it take? What type of degree will I receive? Will I be able to find a job? All great questions and answers are available.

If you are interested in attending culinary arts school at Salter College we recommend you look at the information below and see if this school is the right fit. If it is, click on the “Request School Info” button, fill out the short questionnaire and a representative from the school will contact you to answer any additional questions about the school, costs, financial aid and how to apply.

About Salter College

As Salter School, the institution has a history reaching back over 70 years. It has a strong background as a private vocational and educational training school – a mission that has served it continuously since its inception.

The school’s leaders continuously develop programs that meet the demands of the current employment market, hoping to gain a strong hold in the employment sector by training graduates to compete effectively and continue lifelong growth.

The school’s official mission is to offer “an enriching balance of liberal arts and professional career education.” To this end, Salter College offers degrees and certificates in a number of vocational and technical areas, including business administration, medical assisting, and the culinary arts.

About the Culinary Arts Program

The Culinary Arts course is a Certificate Program in which students are trained to begin entry-level food service positions in restaurants and commercial kitchens. They work through basic culinary skills and techniques to advanced food production in a series of hands-on classes.

Topics of study include inventory control, nutrition, food safety, marketing, baking, cooking, and catering. All students are encouraged to take a participatory approach to learning. Courses are complemented by required externships that place students in real-world kitchen and restaurant situations.


Salter College has the authority to grant educational degrees from the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education. It is similarly accredited through the American Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. It is recognized by both the United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. The Financial Aid Department offers information on and help with finding funding through federal grants and loans (including those supplied through the FAFSA program), state assistance, scholarships, job placement, and private loans. Flexible class times are available for students who must work around a regular employment schedule.


Faculty members are chosen for their own work experience. Because the school wants to find as many of its graduates as possible in successful careers, it feels that having chef-instructors with the right kind of training is the most important step. Instructors are also noted for their broad educational interests, meaning that their commitment to the learning process is as strong as their professional backgrounds.


The school’s facilities are located in the heart of West Boylston. The school prides itself on providing the latest technologies in a modern learning atmosphere. All courses are complemented with the off-site externship that gives students access to real working kitchens, facilities, and scenarios.

Going to School in West Boylston (Worcester), MA

Although West Boylston itself is rather small, it is located just minutes from Worcester and about a one-hour drive from Boston. This gives students the opportunity to focus on their studies at home and leave the area for some amazing nightlife and fine dining options.

The quaint, small-town feel is complemented by a rich cultural history and a number of outdoor recreational venues. The perfect place to live, work, and go to school, you’ll love living in West Boylston!

More Information

If you are interested in any of these programs and would like to find out more, please request information from Salter College – West Boylston (Worcester), MA.

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